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4.3 Information security tools

Средства защиты информации
4.3.1 Means protection of negotiations on the premises Vibro-acoustic noise generators Portable generators vibro-acoustic noise Stationary generators vibro-acoustic noise Other remedies negotiations

4.3.2 Remedies telephone and low-voltage lines Active protection of telephone lines Passive protection of telephone and low-voltage lines Other remedies telephone and low-voltage lines

4.3.3 Protection of the power supply means Active means of mains protection Line filter for interference suppression Other means of mains protection

4.3.4 Means of protection from PEMIN Generators of electromagnetic noise Screening tools Radio-absorbing materials Other screening tools Other means of protection against PEMIN

4.3.5 Means of protection of mobile phones and smartphones Cell phone protection means listening Protection of negotiations in cellular networks means

4.3.6 Blockirator Suppressors GSM, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT, LTE Dictaphones suppressors Universal suppressors Other blockirator

4.3.7 Means of cryptographic protection of information Means of cryptographic protection of telephone conversations Means of cryptographic protection of talks on cellular Means of cryptographic protection for radio talks Means of cryptographic protection of information in computer networks and the Internet Means of cryptographic protection of information on computers Other means of cryptographic protection

4.3.8 Protected technical means Computers for the treatment of sensitive and confidential information Means of telecommunication, protected construction Protected media Other protected hardware