Portable Metal Detector "Guartel HD7"

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«Guartel HD7» - is a portable metal detector, designed for security activities and operations against improvised explosive devices. The device is used to detect targets, searches, personal search, as well as for other types of inspections. The design of the device allows its continued use in the most adverse conditions, while providing a high level of sensitivity.

The device is primarily intended for use by military and police forces in order to:
  • For personal search
  • For operations for the disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
  • Setting goals
  • Gaskets safe route
Apparatus HD7 has a rugged design and is very easy to use, it is resistant to adverse weather conditions and comply with the relevant UK military standards (indicated by the sign CE). 

Metal HD7 is in service of the British Armed Forces and NATO member states. The unit's power is produced by a standard 9-volt battery «PP3», allowing time up to 40 hours. 

Metal HD7 available in two colors - black and bronze and are equipped with a metal clip that is compatible with «MOLLE» (lightweight modular system carrying equipment).
Additionally, you can purchase strap for attaching the unit to your belt, gear and body armor. 

Technical characteristics

Weight:  320 g (with battery)
Length:340 mm
Width:66 mm
Signal when a target is detected:audio, visual, vibration
Management:ON. / OFF., Setting the type of signal
Design: ABS, waterproof, electromagnetic shielding
Environmental conditions:-20  0 C to 60  0 C
Finds: - Gun 200 mm  
 - 1 euro coin - 80 mm  
 - a knife - 160 mm

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