Metal detector with the function of detecting radioactive materials "SPHINX VM-611-RD"

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Combined metal detector Sphinx VM-611 with RD Detection of radioactive substances designed to search for and detect metal objects and radioactive substances (gamma and beta activity) during a personal inspection, monitoring baggage and mail for anadromous and checkpoints all civilian and military objects. 

The detector detects people pronosimye radiation sources and metallic objects, such as weapons, containers for radioactive materials. 

Sphinx VM-611 is designed to provide RD solving urgent problems related to anti unauthorized movement of radioactive and nuclear materials. 

The detector can be used by enterprises of the nuclear industry complex services of customs control and inspection, special units of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service, security companies and other services as a portable means of detection of radioactive substances and articles of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Advantages and features of

the Sphinx in the metal detector BM-611 RD integrated radiation detector for detecting radioactive materials. The sensitivity of the radiation detector Sphinx (Sphinx) 611-RD allows control of the object in a short time, ie, simultaneously with scanning for metal objects. In the model of the Sphinx (Sphinx) VM-611 RD, a system of automatic adjustment providing maintenance of stability characteristics at the operating conditions, including high levels of ionizing radiation, without manual adjustment. 

Light and sound alarm on detection of radiation and metal objects in the detector Sphinx (Sphinx) VM-611 RD separate. The frequency of sound and light alarm (detection of radioactive substances) is proportional to the detected activity.

Terms of use of the appliance
  • ambient temperature from -15 gr.tsels. to +50 0C .;
  • relative humidity up to 98% at +25 0C .;
  • atmospheric pressure from 630 to 800 mm Hg
Technical characteristics

The basic operating frequency kHz60
    -  gun (PM)200 mm
    - Bayonet knife150 mm
    - Steel plate 100 * 100 * 1 mm100 mm
    - Sound:yes they are
    - Light:yes they are
Supply voltage,9
Operating time, hour80
Current consumption from the power supply, mA20
Terms of Use
Operating temperature range, ° C from -20 To +50
Overall dimensions
    - Length, mm410
    - Width, mm80
    - Height, mm30
Weight, g350
Radiation detector:Geiger-Muller;
Threshold detect gamma-active materials: 300 mR / h (30 kBq Cs -137 );
Threshold detection of beta-active materials:70 Bq / cm2 Sr90-Y90;
Detection of metal:full compliance NILECJ-0601 and 3-GUN TEST




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.