Inspection detector "Fisher CW-10"

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Inspection Metal Detector Fisher CW-10 - designed to detect weapons made of any metal. The detector responds to the metal, while in motion. At work should be carried out the plane of the sensor as close as possible to the currently displayed object, the optimal distance - 70cm.


detection mode of all metals:

Responds to all metal objects. 
Do not respond to objects that do not contain metal. 

The detector signals: 

Audio signal - high-pitched sound. 
The vibrating signal - noiseless operation. 
The lamp indicator - red.

Installed settings:

Auto on the optimal level of sensitivity. 
Ignoring small metal objects. 
Reduce the effects of the surrounding metal objects. 
Manual sensitivity level is not adjustable.

Operating frequency : 110kHz 

3-way switch. 
The position «ON / OFF» - ON. / OFF. 
In the position «Audio» detector when it detects metal objects produces the audio signal. 
In the position «Vibrate» - not the metal detector beeps Metal detection is activated to vibrate and light up the LED.


1 Battery 9-V (not included). Battery life -30 hours. 
LED indicator for monitoring the battery capacity. If you need to replace the battery LED lights and sounds intermittent audio signal.

Weight: 0.45 kg 

Dimensions: (L * W * H) 40 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm.



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.