Hand held Metal Detector "Watch-28"

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Handheld Metal Detector "Watch-28" will quickly and as fully as possible to check a person, briefcases, handbags and so on. the presence of metal objects (weapons, metal parts, etc.). 

The use of hand-held metal "Watch-28" security services to enterprises and for different kinds of events (concerts, conferences, exhibitions) provide complete safety of visitors.

Adjusting the sensitivity of

The desired operating set sensitivity switch.


Sound and visual signal indication. You can connect headphones (not supplied).

Display of battery voltage
  • charged battery: when the - a short beep.
  • flat battery: when the - continuous signal.
The field strength

Detector does not affect the pacemaker and magnetic tapes.

Vibration mode

Metal has the ability to work in silent mode with vibration function. The Russian metal detectors "Watch-28" have the certificate of quality and meet all international standards. 

Within the framework of the state defense order for the needs PROVIDE Interior Ministry.


Continuous operation time, hours
    •  alkaline battery45
    •  NiMH-battery20
Battery recharge time, hours12 
Operating Temperature, ° C0 ... 50
Dimensions in mm410h80h30
Weight, g 
400 (with battery)




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.