Hand held Metal Detector "SMD-300M"

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Handheld Metal Detector "SMD-300M" is designed to search for and evaluation of the size and shape of metal objects on a homogeneous background, including metal-containing medium as well as identification of metallic thin-walled shells of small electronic components, embedded in structures with regular reinforcement (floor, ceiling, walls ).

  • investigation of building structures, furniture and interior in order to identify embedded devices tacit information (radio microphones, microphone amplifiers, tape recorders, etc.) on the premises.
  • listening mode electromagnetic interference near the detection of metal objects;
  • Connecting to a computer via a USB port for data collection and possible further analysis;
  • identifying metal objects against a background medium containing some of the same type metallic inclusions;
  • distinguishing between flat and three-dimensional metal objects;
  • estimate the depth of a metal object, the distinction of up to 2 - 3 items located one above the other with an estimate of the depth;
  • Score average transverse size 2 - 3 objects arranged one below the other;
  • long time continuous operation without changing the power source.

The detection range of the metal housing (50x50 mm):

    • in the unreinforced structures

 to 300 mm

    • in reinforced structures  to 150 mm
The accuracy of determining the depth  10%
    • sound acoustic emitter
    • visual  graphic LCD display
Power supply autonomous
Time of continuous operation from a single source  6 hours
Weight in working position / in the package 2.5 kg / 6kg        




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.