Hand held Metal Detector Inspection GARRETT "PATROL"

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Handheld Metal Detector Inspection "patrol" for screening people to identify weapons and firearms, as well as for the detection of small metal objects in the dielectric and weakly conducting media. 

He works in the low frequency range and is completely safe during the inspection, including the search for metal objects in pregnant women and persons with pacemakers.

The possibility of the detector:
  • Most scanning surface
  • Light, sound or vibration alarm indication
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Automatic control of battery discharge
  • Key operational desensitization
  • Lightweight, protective coating handle
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference
Scope of supply:
  • Metal Detector "patrol"
  • battery
  • safety strap
  • instruction

Circuitry:The transmitter / receiver with automatic instant migration.
Does not require additional adjustments.
Operating frequency:7.1 kHz.
Overall dimensions:
Length:424 mm
Width:90 mm
Thickness:35 mm
Weight without battery:360 gr
Operating temperature range:-15 to + 50 ° C
Operating voltage:9 V DC. current
Battery:standard 9 V (type "Crone" or equivalent)

Garrett Metal Detectors 50 Years



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.