Hand Held Metal Detector ADAMS "AMR-11"

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The main technical advantages AMR-11 is the presence of 11 individually programmable settings that allow the operator to select an optimum sensitivity level for effective detection of metal objects of a certain size. 

Also, the operator can program the AMR-11 so that the detector is configured to detect objects of certain sizes (only large, small, etc. only.), i.e. a certain kind of program settings that will operate by default every time the detector is used. 

Moreover, AMR-11 has the ability to self calibrate the digital adaptation of the equipment, if at the time of inspection, in the environment, a static metallic effects that does not affect the ability of the detector to detect even a small amount of metal with the utmost precision.

Specifications AMR-11:

Overall dimensions:
    •  Length - 360mm;
    •  width
        -  including the scanning element -105mm,
        -  body only metal detector -55mm;
    •  height -35mm.
Weight:262gr. together with the battery.
Operating temperature:from - 20C to + 65C
Protection against ingress of dust and water: conforms to IP64 (IEC 529)
Sensitivity:11 programmable sensitivity settings for accurate detection of objects of different sizes (Nilec 602.02): very small; small; medium and large sizes.
Operating frequency:20Khz
Battery type:.standard 9V alkaline
Minimum battery life:600 hours
Case Features:sverhudaroprochny polycarbonate / plastic
Indicators detect metal objects: simultaneous operation of the audio and visual signals (LED lights up bright red color).
Low battery indicator: the need to replace or recharge the battery LED lights up bright yellow
The battery is built into the body of the detector (no wires)
The intensity of the sweep: Depending on the size of the detected object:short beep - the subject of small size,  
long beep - the subject of a large size.
Power on: oblong red button (On / Off), instant power supply - white button (On / Off).

The product has successfully passed the technical testing standards EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 ​​Table 1: 1.1 Radiation: meets all international standards: CE marking lEC, NILEC, FCC, FAA.Meets the medical standards: the use of a metal detector is not a threat for people with pacemakers and pregnant women




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.