Twenty zones arched metal detector "Checkpoint PC-2000"

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Design features:

1. Arch consists of 3 parts: left / right wall detector + computer + central mounting parts. 
2. Left / right wall detector 20 divided by the detector from the lower zone to the upper portion. 
3. Left / right detector walls are strips of aluminum alloy to protect, and LEDs to indicate the exact location of metal. 
4. The control circuit has a stable performance and reliable protection from interference. Allows accurate detection without any errors or false positives. 
5. Password protected settings do not allow unauthorized personnel to change system settings. 
6. In the case of works of erroneous operations can be reset to factory settings. 
7. Metals can recognize a single zone or multiple zones, for example, if the metals in both zones 3 and 5, the LEDs in the areas 3 and 5 are operated simultaneously. 
8. Has three levels of loudness in various levels of anxiety. 
9. 8 arches can be installed in a row at a distance of 50 cm. Between the arches. 
10. Panel shows the number of passes, the number of alarm. 
11. For each zone can set your level of sensitivity. 
12. This product has no negative effect on pregnancy, magnetic tapes, pacemaker, a hearing aid in the human body.

Technical parameters:

Internal dimensions  (height x width x depth):  2050 x 700 x 600 mm
External-dimensions  (height x width x depth) 2 200 x 800 x600mm
Power supply:AC: 110-220  In
Terms of Use:+55 -20  0 C.
Shipping Weight:90 kg



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.