Stationary metal detector "Terascan ESW-618"

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Metal Terascan ESW-618 is a classical arch, which consists of two vertical panels, each being separated by a distance of 0.75 m. Above are interconnected by transverse box made ​​of steel. In cross-section arranged control board transmitter and receiver, display unit, power supply, connectors, connecting cables, remote control unit. 

In the end of the panel Terascan ESW-618 integrated LED scale (to display the zone alarm), which allow us to determine (using 18- five band detector) position rackets metal objects on the human body, which minimizes the need for manual inspection. Simultaneously with light in the event of an alarm, playing one of the 5 selected tunes. 

Metal Terascan ESW-618 has an opportunity to selective settings (for example, detects objects such as a gun or knife, not responding to personal items - keys, glasses, coins). The presence of pre-installed software and does not require self-training, and the availability of the remote control makes it easier to use.

The main applications of the metal detector:

Screening of passengers at airports, seaports, bus stations, courthouses, federal institutions and prisons, public bodies buildings, stadiums, concert halls, nuclear power plants, as well as screening of visitors in hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.

Opportunities ESW-618:
  • 8 independent programs settings for various places use with the display on the LCD;
  • 18 detection zones (with the output of the light information on the side panel);
  • Independent detection and alarm display in each zone;
  • Sensitivity adjustment to 6 channels (0-99) according to the size of metal objects;
  • Bandwidth up to 60 detections per minute;
  • Five species of choice tunes alarm (8 volume levels);
  • Self-diagnosis and automatic configuration for a given program;
  • Numeric password access control system;
  • Smart meters are;
  • Automatic or manual calibration;
  • Remote control;
  • Simple installation and easy assembly;
  • Modern and compact design;
  • In line with international standards. Safe for people with pacemakers, pregnant women and magnetic storage media.
Specifications ESW-618

Power supply:110/220 V, 50/60 Hz;
Operating temperature:-20 ... + 70 ° C;
Humidity: to 95% from direct condensation;
External dimensions:2,20h0,84h0,53 m;
The internal dimensions of the cockpit: 2.00 h0,75h0,53 meters;
Weight without packaging:55 kg;
Weight:70 lbs.




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.