Walk throught vapor detector of explosives and weapons "DUALSCAN - 85600"

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Full control of the person for the presence of hidden explosivesubstances and weapons.

Model "Dualscan- 85600" is a unique combined system vapor detection of explosives and weapons / metal which is formed as a single device based on the latest advances in technology. 

Hundreds of detectors "Dualscan" daily provide security around the world in places with the highest degree of threat.


Optional metal detector built into the detector "Entryscan" converts it to a detector "Dualscan". which is a unique combination of detection of explosives, weapons and metal. 

The movement of people controlled by a simple traffic light, similar to a traffic light that controls the traffic.

On completion of the test beep alerts. State operation and maintenance of universal indicator is displayed, and if you set the remote control unit, the equipment can be controlled automatically and monitor its status on the remote control. 

Operation of both devices must be supplied from the AC voltage, and sensor explosives requires a carrier gas. For ease of operation can be supplied additional carrier gas generator. 

The device has a standby mode. the use of which saves energy if rarely used equipment. 


Methods of operation 
-  A . Continuous flow1,800 people per hour
-  B .Bystroe6 seconds 600chelovek in Part
-  C .Hypersensitivity300chel 12 seconds. h
Sensitivity1 part by volume ethylene glycol vapor at 10 'by volume of air in the detector
Selectivityinsensitive to Freon refrigerants, hydrocarbons, etc.
False alarm probabilityless than 2%
Recovery time from standby modeapproximately 45 seconds
Standard accessoriestraffic light system
Remote controlthere is
Alarm signaling 
- Explosivesaudible alarm, a visual alarm
- Unauthorized passageaudible alarm
- Faultyaudible alarm, a visual alarm
- Detection of metalaudible alarm, a visual alarm
- Return the system to the 
defaultsaudible alarms, visual alarms, diagnostics
Indicatorsexplosives, audible and visual alarm system is faulty,  
the system is not ready for operation, the system is ready, waiting and putting
Principle / detection technologygas chromatography with electron capture detection
Accessoriesnitrogen generator, metal detector (detector converts Entryscan detector Dualscan), 
Spare parts for 2 years
Mains power110 V / 60 Hz - 13  A or 240 V / 50 Hz - 7 A (voltage must be specified when ordering)
Carrier gas (or nitrogen gas generator optional)99.9% ethyl argon or nitrogen, 99.9% ethyl
Footprint (projection) and height1.5 mx 1.1 mx 2.2 m
Standardselectrical equipment IEC 61010, the quality of BSEN 9001: 1994




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.