Walk throught multi-zone metal detector "METOR-200"

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Multi-zone metal detector Metor 200 represents a new generation of metal detectors. 

In one frame Metor 200 combined 8 separate metal detectors with overlapping fields. 

The unique geometry of the coils ensures first-class uniform characteristics detection throughout the frame.

Key Features and Benefits Metor-200
  • overlapping geometry coils exclude the presence of weak areas within the framework available to the conventional detector;
  • a few harmless metal objects do not cause false alarms;
  • Any detection of weapons will be marked by a warning light on the LED line in one or more areas where the signal would be no greater than the threshold set for the zone;
  • If the metal detector located near the door, the sensitivity can be adjusted until homogeneous:
Metor-200 is designed for indoor use and has the following features:
  • Increased sensitivity with a low coefficient of false alarms provides the ability to have the optimum speed of passage of people and at the same time ensures a high level of security;
  • compliance with international safety standards, safe for pacemakers, magnetic media (films, video tapes, diskettes, etc.):
  • simplicity of design enables quick assembly (10-15 min.), and mobility;
  • constantly working monitor self-test allows the operator to monitor the status of the device;
  • remote control will protect your settings and ease of programming of the detector;
  • low power consumption, suitable oscillation within 95 to 250 VAC;
  • ease of maintenance, customer service in Moscow;
  • mean time between failures through metal Metor is 10 years;
  • flexible program provides the user with ease of adjustment and ensures optimal protection.
  • You can use the network METOR®NET
Specifications Metor-200

Ambient temperature-10 ° C- + 50 ° C
Ambient humidity0 - 95%, no condensation allowed, IP 20 (IEC 529).
PowerNetwork: 95-250 volts 50 or 60 Hz  
Batteries: 24-30 volts (in base not included).  
Power Consumption - 35 Watt  
Power Cable Length - 5 meters.
Guarantee2 years
METOR 200 meets international standards
IEEE-472Safety Standard to the main supply voltage
IEC-348, E 380-84 (IEC 380-77), E-380A85standard safety requirements to electronic instrumentation
NILECJ-0601, security levels 1 to 5standard through metal

Dimensions Metor-200














Metor metal detectors




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.