Metal Detector"Web-M66" multi-zone

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Multi-zone metal detector "Web - M66" is designed to detect metal objects in the inspection of the people and the localization of their precise location when zipping through the control area of the detector. It is technically possible to produce a metal detector with individual characteristics and dimensions, as well as a variety of materials.

Functional characteristics:
  • Non-volatile memory to save settings;
  • Activation of the detection mode when passing through the control area of ​​the detector (eliminates false alarms caused by the presence of random electromagnetic interference and network and occasionally moving in the vicinity of the metal detector metal objects);
  • Self-test mode;
  • Excludes mutual masking objects detection with opposite magnetic properties;
  • The ability to synchronize multiple metal detectors for simultaneous operation;
  • Alarm output to control third-party equipment;
  • The presence of a color TFT-display;
  • Continuous display of the operation status display;
  • 30 programs selectivity of detection - airport, schools, prisons, etc. (With the ability to create custom programs)
  • The presence of the indicator LED displays detection zones along the end portions of the arch panels;
  • The availability of a geometric object localization detection to 66 zones - an indication of the TFT-display area in which there was the discovery of a metal object, and the inclusion of the corresponding LEDs on the front and back panels;
  • The availability of sound notification detect metal objects with optional audio tone signal detector from 1 to 10;
  • Availability of the installation triggered the display duration for TFT-LCD and duration of inclusion of a sound detector independently of each other;
  • The sensitivity of the detector allows the detection of metal objects corresponding to the size and weight of the test object security levels 1 to 5 methodology approved in the "Procedure for certification of stationary metal detectors used in order to ensure security at the facilities of civil aviation" (analogous to standard NILECJ-0601). When installing the detector sensitivity to any of the 5 levels of security move through a metal detector metal object higher level of security should not cause alarm messages;
  • Availability levels of sensitivity 500 in each of the detection areas independently;
  • Availability of the automatic installation of the selectivity of detection for all zones simultaneously by moving through a metal detector metal object detection desired weight and size;
  • Availability of the automatic setup detection selectivity in areas of the level of "sex" by moving through the area level "sex" metal detector metal object detection desired weight and size;
  • The availability of protection from interference by the operating frequency of the metal detector. Number of operating frequencies - 10;
  • Software filters protect against interference;
  • Setting the detector is done by remote control;
  • Availability Spinner passages visitors;
  • The presence of the three-tier system of protection settings detector passwords.
Optional features (not included in the base price MD): 
  • The presence of two detection channels black / non-ferrous metals in each zone;
  • The presence of light boards "STAND / GO" to regulate the flow of visitors;
  • The ability to connect to networks of remote monitoring and security management;
  • The presence of a metal detector video surveillance;
  • Ability to display on the TFT-LCD management interface photographic image of the subject that caused the alarm, indicating the location of a picture of the object that caused the alarm;
  • Ability to work from an uninterruptible power supply.
Technical characteristics

The width of the controlled area, mmnot more than 830
Matching sensitivity level security  
test kit objects FGIM.411449.004 Security, when setting up according to the procedure 
established by the "Procedure for certification of stationary metal detectors used in order to 
ensure security at the facilities of civil aviation "
Number of zones66
Bandwidth person / min40-60
The probability of false alarm,%less than 2
Supply voltage, V / Hz185 ± 40%
Power consumption, W40
Dimensions, HxWxD
    • external, mmnot bolee2300h950h600
    • Internal mmno more 2000h830h600
Weight, kgless than 60



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.