Metal detector "Web-CM1" arched folding mobile

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Arched folding mobile detector "Web-CM1" with microprocessor control. It has a folding design, consisting of seven members. Microprocessor controlled circuitry ensures reliable, homogeneous detection of metal across the control area of the detector. The detector is simple to install, assemble and configure, and allows transportation in the trunk of a car.provided with audible and visual alarm. It can be made ​​with built-in rechargeable battery. On request, it is technically possible to produce a metal detector with individual characteristics and dimensions, as well as a variety of materials.

  • setting the detector and control with the remote control;
  • self-diagnosis system of the detector;
  • rapid assembly;
  • compactness for transport and storage;
  • ease;
  • access code to change the settings or mode.
Technical characteristics

The width of the control passage mmless than 800
Level of security as supplied test objects  
FGIM.411449.004 Security
Number of zones "Web-CM1"1
Bandwidth person / min40-60
The probability of false alarm,% less than 2
Supply voltage, V / HzUpon request,
Power consumption, Wnot more than 50
Overall dimensions (HxWxD)
externalno more 2300h950h500
control cabinno more 2050h800h500
Weight, kgnot more than 35



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.