Metal detector mobile "M-scope"

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M-scope - a universal arched metal detector in the world. It can be assembled and powered operation by one person in less than 5 minutes. M-scope has three detection zones and a hundred levels of sensitivity settings. All settings are stored in the pr ogrammiruemoy memory. This detector can be used both indoors and outdoors, special alloy polycarbonate resistant to mechanical damage and is very durable. Ideal for use on-site conferences, schools, theaters, sports centers, nightclubs, any outdoor events.Powered by batteries that provide up to 40 hours of continuous operation, the kit includes the adapter and charger.Weight of the metal detector is only 40 kg. Dimensions assembled constitute 94h58h66 cm., That allows you to carry it in the car. In the working position dimensions are 220h91h58 cm; the size of the working area (passage) - 200h76 see. Operating temperature range from -20 C to +70 C at 95% relative humidity. 
Protect from moisture - IP55. 
M-scope - is a versatile metal detector arch type that can be transported and quickly assembled one person in 5 minutes virtually anywhere where it is necessary to control metal objects pronosimyh people. 
M-scope has a flexible circuit detection allows to disable the control zone. 
M-scope can be used in sports centers, schools, nightclubs, theaters, for conferences, etc. 
Gatescan-P installs quickly and easily adjusted

Remote control:
  • quick search the desired item and programming
  • self-diagnosis function and auto-calibration
  • function is to attract the attention of the operator, if necessary
  • keylock
  • All settings are stored in a programmable memory.
  • 100 factory preset sensitivity levels
  • adjustable level gromkostischetchik number of passes
  • remembering the last state in the emergency power-off



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.