Metal detector for checking mail and baggage "TS67"

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Metal TS67 for mail and luggage - a universal tool in the desktop version to check the mail and small luggage.Compact design and high performance make it possible to apply it to various government agencies, commercial organizations or private homes, where required to ensure increased security measures for sorting incoming mail, or small hand luggage. 

In addressing the scanning frame provides deep scan various objects, boxes, bags, envelopes, regardless on their structure and material, thus ensuring a high probability of detection of various dangerous metal objects and weapons. 

For the normal functioning of the device you want to exclude all vibration. 
Do not place the unit closer than 50 cm from metal objects.


Registers of metal screws M3 x 12. 
Registers a frame made ​​of metal with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 0.1 mm 

Operating conditions: -15 to +45 ° C at a humidity of <80% 
Power supply: 6F22 (9V) x 1 pcs. 
Power consumption: 
- Standby time: 5 mA 
- in alarm: 15 mA





Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.