Metal Detector arch "Metor 6C"

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  • Elegant compact design
  • Excellent immunity
  • User-friendly interface

Metor 6S - universal modern metal detector that combines new technology to detect metals and attractive but practical design.Metor 6S is ideal for continuous use, depending on your needs.

Highly efficient inspection

Due to the increased resolution, Metor 6S is ideal for screening large numbers of people.To ensure accurate and reliable detection of dangerous objects Metor 6S has two zone displays. 

Wide range of applications in the metal detector Metor 6S excellent performance combined with a compact and robust mechanical design and elegant appearance, it can be used even in areas with the highest standards in architecture .Metor 6S protection class IP65 enclosure and is ideal for outdoor use. Metor 6C comes with a handy remote control unit and built-in traffic lights. 

Ease of use Metor 6S is based menu interface that provides quick and easy programming. The operator can perform a calibration using the built-in programs of detection and automatic adjustment of frequency and sensitivity or use the detector to the settings stored in memory. To protect against unauthorized changes Metor 6S is equipped with a safety device calibration, which controls settings. In addition, the cables and connectors are hidden inside the detector cross. Metor 6S is equipped with a voltage monitor that generates an alarm if the metal detector does not feed the supply voltage (for example, unplug the power cord). 

Trouble-free operation Due to the high noise immunity and resistance to vibration impacts, Metor 6S is easily installed in the most challenging environments. Several detectors may be installed adjacent to each other, which increases layout flexibility of the installation site. meter is provided Metor 6C passes smart meters and alarms, which count the number of people passing through the detector and any alarms.Integrated in the zone display counters summarize and subtract the number of incoming and outgoing people, thereby giving a true traffic count.

Additional options and accessories

backup power system: provides battery life up to 8 hours with no power. 

The cross that meet the requirements of US law "On protection of rights of disabled citizens": available 32-inch cross examination for people in wheelchairs that meet the requirements of US law "On protection of rights of disabled citizens."

 Transport boxTest Pieces: used to calibrate and test the metal detector. 

MetorNet 3 PRO: Remote Security Management System collects statistics on the number of passes and the alarms from 255 (maximum) walk-through metallode- Metor detectors and generates easy-to-understand reports. This allows you to change the security level of the detector from a central PC.

Fields of application
  • Courthouses
  • The building of state and federal agencies
  • Prisons (examination visitors)
  • Mass events
  • Seaports and cruise liners
  • Protection VIP-persons
Compliance with the requirements
  • Metor 6S complies with international standards of human security. Safe for people with pacemakers, pregnant women and magnetic storage media.
  • In accordance with the international standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
Technical characteristics

Ambient operating temperature-20 To 70 ° C
Air humidity0-100%
Degree of protectionIP 65 (EN 60529)
Power supplyNetwork: 100-240 V AC. DC / 50-60 Hz, max .: 90-264 VAC. current. Battery (optional): 12 VDC. current. 
Power consumption, max .: 65 W (trans. current), 50 W (DC. current). Power cord length: 4.2 m. 
Automatic (without human intervention) adjustment during voltage fluctuations within 90-264 VAC. current.
AlarmAdjustable visual and audible alarm. 
Alphanumeric display 2 x 20 characters and Zone Display.  
Relay contacts alarm.
Time alarmRegulated
Sensitivity100 levels of sensitivity for each program.  
Separate sensitivity adjustment at floor level.
CalibrationAutomatic calibration of the overall level of sensitivity and the sensitivity at the level of the floor.  
Manually adjust the sensitivity level.  
The automatic sensitivity adjustment sets the appropriate sensitivity for a specific weapon or test object, eliminating the need for time consuming trial and error method.
Interference suppressionDigital filtering.  
Several operating frequencies.  
Automatic search frequency.
Voltage monitoringControls the power at the input, a warning signal in case of voltage loss.
Calibration controlControls the calibration parameters, a warning signal in case of any changes in the stored calibration parameters.
Self-diagnosisEasy-to-use self-diagnostic system detects errors.
Connecting to the networkCompatible with remote security management system MetorNet.
Guarantee2 years for parts and build quality.
Gross mass and volume of packagingGeneral: gross weight: 62 kg 
with packaging volume: 0.36 m 3 .  
Net Weight: 41 kg. 
Coils: gross weight: 48 kg 
with packaging volume: 0.29 m 3 . 
Sleepers + electronics: gross weight: 14 kg 
volume packaging: 0.07 m 3 .

Dimensions METOR 6C

Dimensions METOR 6C

Metor metal detectors



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.