Framework detector "RANGER Tri-Sector"

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Ranger Tri Sector is designed for professional use in the field of security in conditions of limited funding. This model provides a high level of protection. As with all metal detectors Ranger, he has the capability to self-diagnostics and automatic calibration.This harmonic metal detector, he is constantly active, its detection circuit can not be turned off or switched to standby mode. Ranger Tri Sector detects objects as pronosimye slowly and are forwarding to prostanstvo under the arch. Many popular metal detectors do not meet these requirements, they are transferred to the operating mode of the standby state only when the space under the arch enters a man and a security guard is forced to constantly closely monitor the developments.


Ranger Tri Sector has three vertical sector detection that allows you to determine whether a suspicious object on the left, right or center in the space under the arch. Indication of the sector by means of bright LEDs, located on the bottom of the central unit of the detector, as well as on the display. 


The possibility of autonomous power supplyExternal UPS
Number of operating frequencies16
Note the location of the objectLeft, right or center
Number of zones detektirovniya3
Operating Temperature-20 ° C ... + 55 ° C
Weight64 kg

Security Detection Equipment



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.