Walk throught metal detector "GARRETT PD-6500I"

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Allows you to determine the position of a metal object on the human body up to 10 cm. Vertically, which minimizes the need for manual inspection. 
It has 33 detection zones, which ensures absolutely uniform sensitivity. 
Adjust to any mass of metal from a few grams.
Excludes mutual masking objects with opposite magnetic properties. 
It has a light boards 'STAND / GO' on the outer sides of each panel to control the flow of people.

  • 15 standard programs for different environments (airport, school, court, prison regime object, etc.)
  • 200 levels of sensitivity for each program.
  • Individual adjustment of sensitivity for zones 5 groups in the range of +/- 15% in the range of -63% to + 192% for the lower bands.
  • Display space detection on vertical panels.
  • Continuous display of the operation status display.
  • Two-level access code to change the settings or mode.
  • Self-test mode.
  • Count of the number of passes on the IR barrier.
  • Non-volatile memory to save settings.
  • Low voltage outputs control external devices.
  • The ability to synchronize multiple detectors for simultaneous operation.
  • LCD and keypad.
  • Light and sound indication.
  • Performance 50-60 readings for 1 minute.

The detector is in the form of classical arch consisting of two vertical panels, spaced 80 cm. apart. Control and display unit located in the upper section of the arch, thus avoiding external influences on the cables and the possibility of unwanted interference. Resistant to mechanical damage from impact resistant end panel inserts. The control unit and the transverse rod of hardened aluminum.

Compliance with standards:
  • Certificate of Conformity Transportation Security Administration of the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport in the Russian civil aviation
  • Sanitary-Epidemiological Finally, the Ministry of Health
  • Meets all the requirements for arched metallodetktorov (EMD) Transportation Safety Administration (USA)
  • Complies with NIJ 0601.02 (US) ISO9001 Certificate
  • Line with the new European Community Directive on electromagnetic compatibility and safety EMC and CE (certificate of TEC and CB)
  • Complies with electromagnetic safety ICNIRP
Technical characteristics

Power100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 5 W
Operating Temperature-20 - +70 C
Humidityup to 95% without a direct condenser
Weight64 kg
External dimensions0.9h 2.2h0.58 m
Internal dimensions of the tunnel0.76h2h0.58 m
Packing0,9h 2,3h0,17 m Weight 74 kg

Garrett Metal Detectors 50 Years



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.