Walk throught metal detector "CS-DII"

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Arched Metal Detector CS-DII is designed to detect weapons and other metal objects hidden under clothes.

 It can be used for security measures at facilities with controlled access (airport, arsenal, bank, etc.). Display accurately displays the location of one or more metallic objects in the space under the arch. 

The Security Service can immediately locate and detect suspicious object. All this saves time and improves the efficiency of screening. It also significantly reduces the burden on the staff, as now do not need long and tedious search for a suspicious object with a manual metal detector. 

In addition to specifying the location of a metal object, the multi-indicator also shows the signal level and the current state - "Ready", "Alarm", "Waiting . " 

Selective metallodetektirovaniya, ie the device can be configured so that he discovered targets and ignore the rest. For example, in the case of searching for weapons, you can configure the detector for the detection of guns, knives, sharpeners, etc., while avoiding false positives from personal itemsuse (coins, keys, cell phones). Solving the same problem of preventing theft may calibrate the instrument to search for specific items (from small electronic products to multicomponent alloys), and again, do not bother surveyed staff and false alarms from items allowed Bringing. selectivity significantly simplifies and accelerates the process of inspection. 

Selective detection algorithms are implemented in the form of selective detection program 20, which can quickly adjust the detector to operate in most cases. For special applications the user can create their own programs, the possibilities are limited only by the imagination and hard work of the creator.

Specifications detector
  • The exact placement of weapons (the target)
  • 20 programs for selective detection of metals
  • 4 user programs selective detection of metals
  • 16 operating frequencies
  • Operating temperatures, C: from -20 ° C to + 55 ° C at a humidity of 95%
In addition:
  • Battery opportunity to work in standalone mode up to 3 hours




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.