Walk throught metal detector "Checkpoint RS-1600"

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Arched metal detector "Checkpoint RS-1600" is designed for use in airports, banks, embassies, entertainment centers and parks, factories, shops, warehouses, gymnasiums, exhibition centers, thanks to its attractive appearance.

Design features: 
  1. Screen liquid crystal display (LCD) with an infrared remote control (controller), program interface is in English, easy handling.
  2. Software self-test on power-up.Automatic verification of the left and right door panels, LED light bulbs and selection of the optimal operating frequency.
  3. Detection zones: 18 detection areas, separate detection of the left and right sides. Simultaneous alarms from Multizone.
  4. Adjustable sensitivity: Each zone has 255 degree sensitivity levels; three templates: high, medium, low - for different requirements. Pre-installation dimensions, weight, volume and location of metal objects in order to avoid detection of coins, keys, belt buckles.
  5. Audible alarm: alarm time 1-25 sec. 255, you can choose different levels of volume.
  6. Alarm in the form of LEDs: bar graph on the left and right door frames, at the same time issued a visual alarm to indicate the position of metallic objects.
  7. Password protection, only an authorized person can operate the device.
  8. The function of protection against interference with variable frequency range. Using modern interactive techniques for transmitting and receiving signals to prevent interference.
  9. 6 preset programs for a variety of applications in the field of security.
  10. Automatic calculation of the number of passengers and alarms.
  11. Microprocessor control unit on top of the transmission channel protection from interference with the self-diagnosis function and to eliminate the internal and external interference.
  12. Easy assembly: only used 2 pieces of cable and 8 screws, easy to understand instructions.
  13. Harmless to the human body: Use the magnetic field of low intensity, safe for people with pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, tapes with recordings, etc.
Additional options:
  • backup battery for 4 hours (on request)
Technical parameters:

Internal dimensions (height × width × depth):1990mm × 700mm × 500mm
External dimensions (height × width × depth): 2230mm × 835mm × 580mm
Voltage:85-264 VAC / Hz 47,5-60
Power:<20 W
Conditions in the workplace:-20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
Net weight:65 kg
Gross weight:71.5 kg
Package Size: 2 boxes of 
2,34 × 0,68 × 0,27 m. and 0,82 × 0,49 × 0,31 m.




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