Walk throught Metal Detector "Astrophysics WT 2000"

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WT2000 - an advanced model of an arched metal detector that accurately detects small objects made ​​of iron and other items that pose a threat. WT2000 provides the highest degree of reliability for ultimate security. Use the "double determination" and "point-determination", the metal detector WT2000 has dual technology selection and determination of 33 different zones, to establish the precise location of objects that pose a threat. Metal WT2000 also features turn-based illumination for accurate scanning step. Metal WT2000 is equipped with 21 different programs, allowing the operator to adjust the bandwidth depending on the location and method of using the device.Moreover, the metal WT2000 offers an improved analog and digital selection with blocking. For your convenience, these functions allow you to set many types of systems and WT2000 XIS at close range. Location accuracy dangerous object detector WT2000, in combination with improved inspection system Astrophysics XIS X-Ray provides an ideal solution checkpoint for your safety.

 General characteristics WT 2000

Inner dimensions:

580 mm x 760 mm x 2000 mm

External dimensions:

580 mm x 900 mm x 2200 mm

Packing dimensions:

170 mm x 900 mm x 2300 mm

Weight of equipment:

64 kg


74 kg


scratch-resistant laminate, heavy duty aluminum

Standard Features

  • 21 preset program screening
  • 2300 possible levels and frequencies of operation for multiple channels
  • 33 small-area covers the central, left and right sides of the body
  • Audio / video alarm
  • Output Management
  • Technology processor for digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Counter areas with many settings
  • Step by step lights
  • Definition / detection of iron and nonferrous weapons
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Control Lock with analog and digital sampling
  • Conforms to IEC IP 55
  • Upper management unit - LCD display, signal lights, LED diagrams and control panel
  • Protection against penetration and copying, as well as multi-level access codes
  • Uniform definition and bandwidth
Additional accessories

  • Emergency battery
  • The analyzer control device (CMA)
  • The extension cord (10 ft)
  • Remote access to the screen with the function of zoning
  • Assembly kit
  • Kit movement
  • The test specimen (OTP)
  • Remote Control
Operating requirements
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ° C - 70 ° C
  • Humidity within 95% non-condensing
  • Power requirements: 110 - 240V 50/60 Hz, 55 Watt, no adjustment is required




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.