Mobile X-ray inspection system HEIMANN "ScanTrailer 9075-OT"

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Main characteristics
  • Mobile system for indoor use
  • Sprung axle. shock absorber for damping and superelastic tires to protect the X-ray unit in motion
  • Automatic coupling with the activation of the brakes
  • Robust system design requires only little maintenance
Additional Features
  • Getting started takes a little time by rotating controller
  • Retired outside the control panel
  • PVC cover protects against dust and time of transport (optional)
In many situations, permanent installation of X-ray inspection system is impossible or unreasonable. In such cases, the ideal solution to this problem are mobile systems. 

ScanTrailer 9075 is maneuver for control with minimal effort when changing location. It can be used, for example, in airports and accommodation centers luggage, parcels and cargo, where mobile systems can be an effective addition to stationary.

These mobile systems help to perform screening of mail, baggage or cargo for weapons, explosives and contraband goods, for example, drugs to prepare for their work requires little time. 

For their deployment requires little space, which improves operator comfort. 

With the help of mobile X-ray inspection systems Smiths Heimann can close gaps in the security system.


HI-SCAN 9075Max. object size:  900 (W) x 760 (H) [mm]  Max.loading conveyor (evenly distributed):  150 kgConveyor system:     -  built-in supply and discharge roller conveyor     - heavy duty cylindrical inlet and discharge roller conveyor

ScanTrailer 9075-OTMechanical design: 
 Frame of steel profile, strong enough to work in airports 
    - set to accommodate the type of X-ray inspection system HI-SCAN 9075 
    - built-in supply and discharge roller conveyor  
    - the rotating assembly on the front axle
TrailerAxle:  2 trailer axle torsion spring  
Max. speed: 
 25 km / h  
 no service brake; parking brake stops the wheels of the rear axle - automatic operation, if coupling is upright Weight:  2000 kg Maximum weight of the allowed

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.