Mobile system for checking vehicles and containers "HCV-Mobile"

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• Mobile system of high-energy x-raying for verification of loaded vehicles and containers 
• 100% mobility, excellent suitability for carrying out checks on the spot 
• Fully independent system that requires no external infrastructure 
• Advanced technology to ensure picture quality 
• Carrying out work needs little space 
• Quick and simple workflow involving a minimum number of staff

System HCV-MOBILE has demonstrated its effectiveness in the fight against smuggling and terrorism. The device is an indispensable tool for customs and government organizations responsible for law enforcement and security. HCV-MOBILE allows you to inspect fully loaded vehicles and containers to detect possible illicit investments, weapons, explosives and drugs. The system provides the ability to conductoperational testing without opening the container. HCV-MOBILE is unique - it's a car ready for its intended use in any territory, and set-up time is less than 30 minutes. 

The new modification of system HCV-MOBILE is designed specifically to meet the demands of our customers. More mobile than ever was, a new HCV-MOBILE is designed on the basis of standard, proven and recognized worldwide.Size and characteristics of the system meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies around the world. The new design gives the manipulator system HCV-MOBILE greater flexibility in use. Application of the system requires little time and a small number of operations.HCV-MOBILE combines the high quality image, and an increased level of quality inspection. 

Thus, the system is guaranteed to accelerate the process of checking and ensures the continuity of the transport stream.

Technical data HCV-Mobile

Energy Rating3  or 4MeV
Full-raying steel180 mm (7.08 ") or 270 mm (10.63")
Up timeLess than 30 minutes
Minimum3: the driver, the plant operator and regulator of traffic flow
Performance25 trucks per hour

Features of your vehicle

Speed ​​of movement85 km / h (53 miles / hour)
Gross weight22.5 tons
ManeuverabilityManual transmission 12 Transmission, ABS, power steering, turning radius 10,3m (33.79 ")
Interior equipmentFully air-conditioned, air suspension, ergonomic cabin
Dimensions in transport position4.0 m (H) x 2,45m (W) x 11.85 m (L) (13,12 "x 8.04" x 38.88 ")
In the working position5,7m (H) x 8,85m (W) x 11.85 m (L) (18,70 "x 29.03" x 38.88 ")
Size of a car4.5 m (H) x 2.8m (W) x 28 m (L) (14,76 "x 9.19" x 91.86 ")
Height under the boom4,65m (15.26 ")

Control and monitoring

ProcessFully automatic process
Videob / w, pseudocolor (16LUT), reverse lookup, 1280x1024 pixels, 16 million. colors, 85 Hz
Data storageMemory for 7000 images
Data ArchivingDVD-Recorder
The printer output image data and Options Computer "Laser Printer A4 second system
Image Workstation (RIW)Remote operator station (inside or outside)
Station adjustment (RMW)Remote Station Adjustment
Training systemBuilt-in operator training


The radiation dose per scanLess than 5 mSv and less than 10 Sv per scan
Dose near the facilityLess than 0,5 mSv (average) (outside the safe zone)
Dose in the cabLess than 0,5 mSv (mean)

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.