Mobile inspection system company HEIMANN "ScanVan 8585"

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Main characteristics.
  • Mobile, the mobile system
  • Includes HI-SCAN 8585
  • Powerful X-ray generator (160 keV)
  • Body heat
  • Air conditioning (optional)
  • Built-in generator (optional)
  • Penetrating power of up to 31 mm steel (typical)
  • Security film sensitivity up to 1600 ISO / DIN 33
ScanVan - mobile X-ray inspection system based on four-wheel drive vehicle with additional built-in devices such as X-ray machine HI-SCAN 8585. 

ScanVan designed for landings / overload baggage, cargo or mail for inspection for customs purposes or for security purposes. Insulating housing additionally installed powerful air-conditioning and heating system, ensure the normal operation of the plant, regardless of climatic conditions. For operation on AC power for operation of the plant, regardless of the source network further integrated electric generator.

Fast and easy loading and unloading of the inspected objects is provided by motorized conveyor at the input and durable roller conveyor at the output. Both conveyor can be removed and are folded into the car. 

The powerful generator of X-rays (160 kV cp) in combination with the sensitive detector system and the enhanced software image processing provide penetration in steel up to 31 mm (usually). 

Detects solid conductors of large cross section in diameter of 0.1 mm (AWG 38).

Operator is supplied with all the necessary equipment to control the scanning process, such as a monitor, keyboard, control panel with indicators and optionally an intercom system.


HI-SCAN 8585
The maximum size of the inspected object850 (width) x 850 (height) [mm]


Maximum load on conveyor200 kg
Conveyor systemBuilt-in conveyor and improved adapted to difficult working conditions, roller conveyor, bent down in a horizontal position for the job.
ScanVan 8585
CarMercedes Benz Sprinter
Tractor Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Standard equipment carMercedes Benz Sprinter 313 CDI 4x2
EngineDiesel, 4-cylinder, with a system of "Common Rail" turbocharger cooled. 
Vehicle weight (gross)3500 kg without options / 3880 kg with o

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.