Portable X-ray system "SXR-150" ("SXR-240")

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Portable X-ray complex "SXR-150 (240)" is intended for baggage, mail, vehicles to identify weapons, explosives and other dangerous attachments, check the buildings, interior, office equipment, communications, walls to detect hidden objects


• Small size and weight (SXR is designed for use in the field) 
• Powerful software with user-friendly multilingual interface 
• Autonomy (powered by built-in batteries) 
• Operation at temperatures from 0 to + 45 ° C 
• High resolution of the images 
• Remote control the process of shooting, Built allows wireless connection to the X-ray emitter 
• Receive up to 150 images when fully charged batteries 
• Adjustable recording time of 8 to 160 seconds

Technical characteristics

X-ray emitter
X-ray tube voltage, depending on the type of transducer 
SXR-150150 kV
SXR-240240  kV
Weight8.0 kg


420 x 170 x 115 mm
Operating Temperature-40 ... + 45C
Imaging device
Camera Resolutionmore than 2.0 lp / mm
The size of the study area220 x 300 mm
Weight8.0 kg
Dimensions500 x 440 x 145 mm
Operating Temperature-20 ... + 45C
The control unit and image processing based on PC
Laptop computer 
CpuIntel Pentium-IV-M 2.0 GHz
The amount of RAM256 MB
Screen Size14.1 "
Hard Drive Space40 GB
Software Features
Image Processingscaling, rotation, inversion, geometric measurements
More informative picturesharpening details, histogram equalization,  
gamma correction, brightness, pixel stretching,  
pseudocolor, 3D-effect, contrast flashlight
Archiving picturesMaintaining a database of information about user name, 
date, location, category, and comments
Operating Temperature0 ... + 45  0 C
Dimensions480 x 350 x 120 mm
Weight5.0 kg



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.