Portable X-ray inspection system "RayzorX"

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The safest: the method of approach to the removal of the minimum dose! 
Fastest: instant images, unlimited number of pictures! 
The best: the best picture quality compared to any other technology! 
Portable: placed in a single package, along with the operating platform, powered by batteries! 
light and thin imaging device: it can be installed anywhere, the best opportunities for positioning!

Digital panel «RayzorX» is the thinnest digital imaging device ever produced. With a thickness of only 13 mm, the device is placed even in the tight spaces and provides high-quality image, while in the most adverse conditions. Packaged in a rugged enclosure (or backpack), the system «RayzorX» can be easily moved from one place to another for the product effective and safe inspection of one person, anytime and anywhere. 

For instant high quality images only one approach! Appearing in a few seconds on the screen of laptop computer image, contribute to the rapid detection, allowing to make necessary decisions on the spot inspection! All this allows us to make a rapid assessment of the threat level of a suspicious object and take appropriate action. «RayzorX» is the fastest and safest solution for security personnel!

Smart ICU

• Solid as a rock and reliable 
• Powerful CPU: fast data transfer 
• Built-in high-speed wireless data transfer device (patented package) 
• Integrated wireless device X-ray inspection 
• recharged during AC operation 
• Equipped with digital display 
• Works in all weather conditions 
• Can be mounted on a tripod 
• The most fast and safe: One approach, images are just one click! 
• A truly portable digital radiography system (CR): The thinnest digital panel from all available! Easy to carry, easy to fit into hard to reach areas. 
• Runs entirely on battery: No need to replace the batteries! More than 5 hours of continuous operation. Recharged during AC operation. 
• The penetration depth of 1 mm lead 70 mm thick steel (achieved using XRS-3 at a distance of 25 cm between the X-ray source and an image forming apparatus). 
• Digital imaging of the highest quality: 14 -bit (16,384 gray levels) of the image and resolution of 3.5 lp / mm. 
• Technology "plug and play": All devices CCD imaging company «Vidisco», as well as an image forming apparatus with a large area «FlashX», work operating on the same platform as the "RayzorX". 
• A lower dose of X-rays to a greater level of security: reduction in the duration of exposure times and radiation dose rate increase operator safety. The system is controlled from a safe distance. 
• Wireless communication: wireless devices operating at a distance of 200 m. Special package for working in a range of 750 m. The wireless communication device of high power with a range of up to 1,500 meters (line of sight). The wireless device of X-rays. 
• Full integration with the robot: Work without human intervention, 100% safety for the operator! 
• Unique two-level radiation device for the detection of organic substances: Further delineation of materials by means of X-ray sources «Golden X-ray». 

All the image forming apparatus CCD company «Vidisco», and also image forming apparatus with a large area «FlashX», running on the same operating platform as the «RayzorX».

Technical Specifications *

Display Area:

222  x  222 mm (~ 9  x  9 inches) 
below 5mm and 7mm from the device

The dimensions of the image forming apparatus:

360  x  330  x  13 mm (height, width, thickness). The thinner imaging device in the world! 14.2  x  13  x  0.5 inches

Weight image forming apparatus:

3.5 kg (~ 7.7 lbs)

Sensor type image forming apparatus:

An image forming apparatus with a thin panel of amorphous 
silicon (a-Si) detector array with digital (CBD) (Digital Detector Array (DDA))

Dynamic range:

14-bit (16,384 gray levels)


3.5 line pairs / mm (3 mm steel)

Power supply:

Battery lasts for more than 5 hours / AC 110 / 220V for an unlimited time.  
recharged during AC operation, full charge in just 6 hours. 80% charged in one hour!

Available accessories:

XR-DE: module with two levels of radiation for the detection  of organic / inorganic substances. 
WiFi X: Digital wireless system - connects the laptop computer to the control unit ( ICU ) / device  imaging (line of sight 200 m) 
Dual WiFi X LR: The wireless a large range of communication  range - line of sight up to 1500 m (~ 1 mile!). 
WiFi X LR: The wireless communication device of a large range of  range - up to 750 m (line of sight). 
WXR: The wireless device X-ray - eliminates the wired connection to the X-ray source radiation. Extension Cable: up to 200 m in length. 
Car inverter DC / AC: for an unlimited  supply of energy from the car - the power over the wire. 
Stand: can be installed on any standard tripod. 
The protective coating: Easier and improved for  easy use outdoors. 
External camera: for external color images and video. 
Software: Easy-to-use, powerful proprietary software «Xbit» for work safety.





Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.