Portable X-ray inspection system computer "FoxRayII"

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Portable X-ray inspection system computer FoxRayII designed to detect explosives hidden information retrieval tools, unsafe attachments in your hand luggage, mailers, furniture, construction elements, and various household items.

  • Light weight and compact size
  • Easy to control and use
  • Laptop with established programs for complete
  • The ability to store more than 50,000 images, additional data management (collection, storage, processing)
  • View the resulting images on a computer screen in real time
  • The modular design of the system for use in a variety of situations
  • The possibility of wireless data
  • Built-in support for e-mail
Software for receiving and processing the image provides:

Wide range of options to improve the image, such as changing the brightness and contrast, change histograms, gamma correction, averaging, applying and combining images, digital zoom (from 30 to 400%), highlighting, removal measurements with the objects in the image, 3-dimensional graphics. The program has a multilingual interface. Ability to create a database of images for subsequent export or import to any other computer or backup. The standard system is a reliable and powerful tool for inspection, detection and evaluation of any object. Preparing the system to work in just a few minutes. With a high degree of accuracy FoXrayII able to detect the thinnest wire for steel plate 16 mm thick, with any of the emitters XR-150 XR-200 or. Power system is 220 V or 12V vehicle electrical system, from its own internal battery system can operate up to three hours.

The system includes:

CDU Remote control and image processing-based laptop. Specialized software for receiving and processing images, 50 meters of cable, power supply system and charging. Dimensions: 295x225x54 mm Weight: 3.3 kg. 

VCU-10 converter module with independent power supply, screen size 19 x 25 cm Dimensions: 275x330x135 mm Weight: 5 kg. 

SCB case to accommodate the system (accommodate CDU VCU-10 emitter XR- 150) Dimensions: 460x660x230 mm Weight: 9 kg.

X-ray emitters for FoxRayII

XR-150 X-ray emitter 150 keV. two batteries, charger. 

XR-200 X-ray emitter 200 keV. two batteries, charger. (Supplied in a separate carrying case) 

XRS-3 X-ray emitter 300 keV. two batteries, charger. (Supplied in a separate case)

Additional options:

VCU-6 converter module with independent power supply, the screen size of 15.3 x 11.4 cm 

VCU-10 (standard) converter module with independent power supply, screen size 19 x 25 cm 

VCU-15 converter module with independent power supply, size Screen 28 x 37 cm

Wireless X-ray option is the control signal from the transmitter module to the antenna via radio 

Wireless Video Option transmit video and control signal from the converter module to the control panel via radio, range up to 200 meters. Receiving modules and inverters are equipped with X-ray emitters mount for mounting on a tripod standard. FoxRayII system mounted on the robot.





Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.