Portable X-ray complex "X-Spector"

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Designed for quick, safe radiation X-ray examination of the internal contents of the various items, baggage, cargo, parcels, vehicles to detect weapons, drugs and explosives, as well as to search for bookmarks and embedded devices in rooms (walls, furniture, org . equipment, communications equipment). Can be used for flaw detection in the field. 

This complex is used by such organizations as: customs, security, operational service, the FSB, FSO, MIA, UGNK Russia and other companies involved in security. X-Spector developed by ICM. This X-ray system, which consists of X-ray unit of constant potential, the image capture device and a portable computer based on the latest technologies. 

X-Spector set a new standard in image quality, but also provides scanning technique customs, law enforcement, military and other security forces. This system has all the features necessary for efficient, fast and secure protection of citizens.

  • Fully secure and encrypted wireless connection between the X-ray image capture device and a laptop computer provides a link to 50m, allowing significantly reduce the installation and routine operations.
  • Full operation on light and small batteries. The device allows you to charge fast charge 1 battery 1 hour, optimizes the charge, protects battery extends the life.
  • Ultra - lightweight X-ray complex.
  • Unlimited resource X-ray tube.
  • Management of voltage and current through the laptop computer.
  • Simple and convenient way to manage the database.
  • Two very light, strong, fortified with aluminum bags for transportation.
Technical characteristics

The device image capture
Active area of ​​the screen250 x 325 mm
Overall dimensions350 x 450 x 170 mm
High-performance cameraCCD: 768 x 576 pixels, 8 bit resolution
Operation time2.5 hours (solid)
Battery TypeNickel - cadmium 36 V 1200 mAh.
Battery charging timeFor 1 hour.
Weight9.7 kg
Power Cable Length50 m (other lengths available on request)


Constant potential

The dose of X-rays 1 ft1000  m Sv / S4000  m Sv / S
Maximum power / 1bat:

5-6 minutes of constant generation of x-ray beams
(up to 120 IMAGE-tion with a 3 second exposure)

Maximum kV120 kW (regulation. KW: 40 - 120)160 kW (regulation. KW: 60 - 160)
Maximum mA1.5 mA, adjustable in steps of 0.5mA between 40 and 80 kV, 
1 mA between 81 and 120 kV
1.5 mA, adjustable in steps of 0.5mA between 60 and 110 kV,  
1 mA between 111 and 160 kV
Exposure timeAdjustable from 1 sec to 99 secAdjustable from 1 sec to 99 sec
Warning timeAdjustable from 0 seconds to 99 secondsAdjustable from 0 seconds to 99 seconds
Typical penetration12mm21mm

The distance between the X-ray source  
and the image capturing apparatus 15 cm.

Focal spot size0.25 x 0.50 mm0.20 x 0.40 mm
Tube life


2 batteries (1 spare)

Nickel - Cadmium 36 600 mAh

Weight:6.5 kg7 kg
Beam angle:60 ° x 52 °60 ° x 40 °

Additional Information

Software "X-Spector":
  • Classification and file management (recording on CD or hard disk)
  • Reversing black and white colors.
  • Pseudo - three-dimensional image.
  • Pseudo - color (color map, fully configurable by the user)
  • Increase (zoom).
  • Exaggerated contrast.
  • 4 consecutive shots for the study, limited in time.
  • 4 consecutive shots with different voltage X-rays.
  • Annotation tools.
  • Voltage and current at the time of exposure can be controlled directly from your laptop.
Quick Battery: charging time: 1:00. 
The communication cable length: 50 m (with optional power cable network country-specific) 
Carrying bag. 
Dimensions: 670 x 560 x 220 mm and 450 x 450 x 290 mm.

The device image capture.

The basis of the device is a computer image capture. The device contains the navigation on the Internet and powerful software for image processing. All images are quickly transferred to the laptop through the Intranet or wireless connection (optional). This allows you to communicate with any portable computer without downloading any additional software. Maximum image quality is enhanced by fluoroscopic screen with high resolution image capture and camera with steam power and the spectral response characteristics. The device is powered by a nickel cadmium battery, which is charged just 1 hour.

X-ray machines CP120 and CP160

CP120 and CP160 - this is the most advanced available on the market of portable X-ray machines running on batteries 36Vdc, constant potential power of the device is made ​​of stable and high contrast penetrating beam. Focal mini - spot provides a possible increase in 5 times without loss of image sharpness. 

Due to the possibility of regulating the voltage and current of the quality of X-rays can be adapted to each suspicious object. In addition, be possible to automatically generate 4 consecutive shots for the study of deep progressive penetration. The wide beam angle allows placed generator series (32 cm) from the image capture apparatus and this increase the penetrating ability of the entire system.

Specifications laptop

The modular concept of the structure of «X-Spector» offers customers significant savings. Since the device transmits data capture images using a universal protocol to navigate the Internet (http), images can be viewed on any connected laptop. Minimum requirements for working with the system "X-Spector":
  • Windows XP.
  • 256Mb of RAM.
  • Ethernet network card 100 Mb
  • Screen resolution 800 x 600
  • CD drive

Operator can select all of the following standard operations processes: reverse black and white, pseudocolor, zoom, view greatly exaggerated contrast and most useful operation, automatic work 4 consecutive shots with different voltage x-rays to work with progressive deep penetration or study, limited time. Thanks to the Internet connection, the interface can be any navigation software: Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer 6.0 ... Having at hand a secure Internet connection, users can send real-time images and other information to colleagues located remotely.


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Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.