Digital Portable X-ray television system "Scantrak"

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Digital Portable X-ray television system Scantrak - multifunction portable X-ray TV system designed for use in police, military organizations, for the neutralization of explosive in the customs and institutions of law enforcement, prisons and security services buildings.

Features Scantrak
  • instantaneous detection and identification of suspicious objects
  • portable device is easily configured and ready to use in 2 minutes after turning on
  • you can zoom, change the mode of positive / negative; it is possible to obtain a pseudo-color and pseudo-three-dimensional image rotation, zoom, contrast enhancement.
  • works with most portable pulse emitters XR150, XR200, XRS-3, as well as continuously operating X-ray emitter
  • printing images and send them by e-mail, saving more than 32,000 images on your hard disk or CD-ROM.
  • the destruction of explosives
  • check suspicious items
  • check unattended baggage
  • detection of drugs and prohibited items
  • Detection of listening devices / weapons through walls
  • inspection of the instrument panel / car tires
Characteristics of choice
  • wireless
  • Packing portable suitcase
  • imaging device with a screen or 20,5h25,4sm 25,4h33sm
  • XR200, XRS-3 or a continuous X-ray emitter interface and operating instructions in different languages
Scantrak system in a portable carrying case has the following characteristics:
  • light, with emitter XR150
  • portable personal computer with the operating system "Windows XP"
  • imaging device Scanna Image Capture Unit (SICU)
  • power cord length 50 m wound on a spool
  • extra battery
  • battery charger
  • User Manual




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.