X-ray System "RAPISCAN EAGLE M10"

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  • Mobile system - in care anywhere
  • Care of goods and vehicles using X-ray source voltage of 1 MeV
  • Several modes of scanning - flexibility in operation
Rapiscan Eagle M10 with a source of radiation power of 1 MeV can conduct inspection of cargo and vehicles in any place and at any time - exactly where it is needed. 

The X-ray system voltage of 1 MeV: Eagle M10 X-ray power of 1 MeV provides scanning of cargo low and medium density with a small work area. 

Travel mode scanning for objects that require high bandwidth, Eagle M10 can be used in the travel portal configuration.

Rapiscan Eagle M10 provides the highest quality building image has robust standard features and most advanced options -all this makes it most convenient to use and versatile of all mobile systems in its class.

  • Mobile system that meets the requirements of traffic
  • Equipped with all systems and functions
  • System operator
  • Scan when driving near the plant
  • The X-ray system with a radiation source voltage of 1 MeV
  • The best in quality x-ray images
  • The program Rapiscan Cargo Viewer
  • Meets the standards of radiation safety
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scan when traveling through the portal
  • Workplace operator
  • Automatic registration identification number
  • Detection of radiation
  • Extended operating conditions
  • Configuration, military
Areas of application
  • Protection of defense facilities and armed forces
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Aviation
  • Major infrastructure
  • Subjects with a high level of security
  • Seaports
Mobile Systems Rapiscan Eagle Series M several modes of scanning anywhere.

Mobile care system loads and vehicles Rapiscan Eagle M-Series does not require special land, buildings and infrastructure, providing high flexibility in operation. Equipped with everything you need to scan, the car with the installation of M series comes in place of ordinary care on the roads, and within 30 minutes the system is ready for operation.Mobile scanner Eagle M-Series can operate in the travel mode (option), which ensured safe scanning of cargo and cab. Since M series system does not require much time to deploy, point of care can be organized quickly in any location.

As X-ray Rapiscan Eagle detect dangerous and prohibited items, which are not found in other systems?

Unlike other technologies used in Rapiscan Eagle two energy X-rays penetrate through the screening materials, liquids, dense and tightly packed cargo, providing detection of hidden dangerous and forbidden items on the complete X-ray image.

Excellent quality, comprehensive standard features and flexible options - all characteristic of any system of care and transport vehicles Rapiscan Eagle.

Designed as a modular design platform for high quality, our products Eagle equipped with best in class tools for building images and easy-to-use authorities operator therefore, each system can be applied in any field - from border crossings and ports to the customs check points and military checkpoints. Eagle systems can be supplemented most advanced options, such as the separation of materials, recognition of license plates and codes cargo.If operational needs change, Eagle can be adapted to the new conditions on the spot. These design solutions implemented in all line of care and transport vehicles Rapiscan, including mobile, gantry, portal and fixed configurations.Through our commitment to value and innovation, all Rapiscan Eagle product line has become the most preferred solution in the inspection of cargo and vehicles.

Rapiscan Systems - the world leader in quality of care and modern technologies detect dangerous items.Our common goal - safety, and we are working hard to develop solutions focused on customer needs, aimed at future needs and cost effective. 

All products are supplied with Rapiscan world clock support service of industrial training and maintenance.

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Airports, train stations, ports, customs and cargo terminals, public and commercial institutions.