X-ray System "Rapiscan EAGLE C02"

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  • Safe automatic scanning cars with passengers
  • The best quality of care in X class
  • Reflexion - Technology decay and system inspection by the bottom
  • Multidirectional scanning at the entrance and exit

System inspection vehicles with passengers Rapiscan Eagle "C" series is designed to scan cars and compact trucks to check their content and identify hidden prohibited items such as weapons, explosives and drugs. 

Rapiscan Eagle C02 is equipped with X-ray system with a peak voltage of 225 kV scanning cars and compact trucks with maximum dimensions of 3.0 (H) x 2.8 (W) m. The Eagle C02 provides separation technology and materials can be added Rapiscan technology Reflexion. Eagle C02 can automatically scan the car with passengers and detect a wide range of hidden and dangerous items.

Eagle C02 - Key Features
  • Eagle C02 is designed to scan compact cars and trucks to check and identify the contents concealed prohibited items such as weapons, explosives and drugs.
  • The system is fully autonomous and is equipped with all equipment and functions necessary for care, including critical infrastructure, public buildings and sports events.
  • Eagle C02 is equipped with X-ray (peak voltage of 225 kV) with a high-resolution detector array.Installing system if necessary can be moved to another location.
  • Eagle C02 generates X image of compact cars and trucks in their journey through the tunnel Inspection stationary in any ways.Skan  is performed automatically and requires no operator intervention, the only problem which - review obtained X-ray images (one image per vehicle) .
  • Eagle C02 provides high quality X-ray image of the car, passengers and content that is instantly transmitted to the operator workstation monitor. In the standard workstation can be placed at a distance of 80 meters from care.
  • Additional equipment enables the workstation to accommodate a greater distance. The operator analyzes images using multi-functional program Rapiscan Cargo Viewer.
Technology Reflexion not be sold in the United States.

Specifications care system:
  • Browse cars with passengers in the mode of travel through the system;
  • Radiation safety of the driver and passengers, operators and people near are;
  • Dimensions baggage tunnel 3m (W) x 3.3 m (H);
  • Penetrating ability through steel up to 35 mm;
  • Better quality of construction in the image;
  • The new control system scan - a stable quality of the image regardless of the speed of travel of the vehicle;
  • Improved mechanical design with enhanced protection from adverse weather effects;
  • Easy to use software Rapiscan Cargo Viewer;
  • Convenient working tools. increase the efficiency of care;
  • Operating conditions allow you to place the system in all regions of the world;
  • Easy maintenance.
Additional equipment EAGLE C02:
  • The system of care from the bottom Reflexion;
  • Two energy imaging technology division of materials;
  • Detection of gamma-ray and / or neutron radiation;
  • Automatic registration number plates in most countries;
  • Equipment for use in cold and / or hot climates extends the range of conditions;
  • Cab with conveniences.
Perfect quality, comprehensive standard features and flexible options in each system inspection of cargo and vehicles RAPISCAN EAGLE.

Through close attention that we give quality and innovation, ruler Rapiscan Eagle - this is the best choice in the inspection of cargo and vehicles. 

Rapiscan Systems - the world leader in quality of care and modern technologies identify dangerous objects. Our goal - security, and we make every effort to achieve cost-effective solutions focused on customer needs and take into account future needs. 

All products Rapiscan served round the clock global network of service and maintenance resources and vocational training.

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