X-ray inspection system of cars "RAPISCAN EAGLE C02DOWNSHOOTER"

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• EAGLE C02 provides the highest picture quality 
• Technology division RAPISCAN materials 
• Ability to scan vehicles with passengers 
• Imaging system in the lateral or horizontal projection

The new system inspection Eagle CO2 Downshooter includes "downstream" of the imaging system, which allows you to conduct a comprehensive inspection of cars and compact trucks 

Rapiscan Eagle C02 Downshooter equipped with X-ray system with a peak voltage of 225 kV to scan cars and compact trucks with maximum dimensions of 2.8 (H) x 2.8 (W). Downshooter provided Eagle C02 separation technology and materials can be added technology Rapiscan Reflexion.Eagle C02Downshooter allows you to scan cars with passengers and identify a wide range of dangerous and prohibited items, including explosives, drugs, money and weapons.

The main characteristics of the system Eagle C02Downshooter:
  • Eagle C02 is designed to scan the compact cars and trucks in order to check their contents and identify hidden prohibited items such as weapons, explosives and drugs.
  • The system is fully autonomous and is equipped with all the facilities and features required for inspection, including critical infrastructure, in public buildings and at sporting events.
  • Eagle C02 is equipped with X-ray machine (the peak voltage of 225 kV) with a high-resolution detector array. Mounted system, if necessary, can be moved to another location.
  • Eagle C02 forms the X-ray image of compact cars and trucks as they travel through the stationary inspection tunnel in any direction. Scanning is performed automatically and requires no operator intervention, the only task - to analyze the X-ray images (one image per each car).
  • Eagle C02 provides high quality X-ray image of the car, passengers and content that is instantly transmitted to the monitor workstation operator.
  • As standard, the workstation can be placed at a distance of 80 m from the site inspection. Additional equipment makes it possible to accommodate a workstation at a greater distance. The operator analyzes the image using a multifunctional program Rapiscan Cargo Viewer.
Technology RefleXion not be sold in the United States.

The new system Rapiscan Eagle C02 («Eagle C02") is part of the inspection systems of cars with passengers Rapiscan "C" series and has the following unique characteristics:

X-ray system with a radiation source 225 kV (peak voltage).

Eagle C02 provides the highest image quality among all X-ray inspection systems of compact cars and trucks with passengers.Formed in Eagle C02 X-ray image provides excellent coverage of all sections of the car from the bridge to the roof. 

The technology of separating materials Rapiscan. In Eagle C02 provides the function of the separation of materials, which helps the operator to detect prohibited items, low density, such as explosives and drugs. Such low density materials to x-ray image look differently than the high density materials, such as steel. Material separation required detectors X-ray, supplied with the system Eagle C02 as a supplement. 

The ability to scan vehicles with passengers. The system is equipped with Eagle C02 inspection tunnel 3 x 3.3 m with special sensors that work together to provide the appropriate dose of radiation, received man with all current international standards of radiation safety. System imaging a lateral or horizontal projection. imaging system available Eagle C02 embodiment, lateral (side view) or horizontal (top view) projection. In an embodiment, the horizontal projection of the maximum height of the inspection passage - 2.9 m with the ramp for arrival and departure of the car from / to the scanning area. 

Additional screening technology RefleXion. For the system Eagle C02 can be ordered additional technology Eagle X-Series - RefleXion (Eagle C02 - 360 View) -source X-ray average power, which allows you to scan the underbody of vehicles, including cargo compartments, tires, engine compartment and the space under the floor.

Perfect quality, comprehensive standard features and flexible options in each system inspection of cargo and vehicles RAPISCAN EAGLE.

Ruler Eagle, created on the basis of high-quality platform, with one modular structural elements, the best in this class of imaging agents and easy to use operator controls can applied in any field - from border and port checkpoint to customs checkpoints and military checkpoints.Thanks to the careful attention we pay to quality and innovation, ruler Rapiscan Eagle - is the best choice in screening cargo and vehicles.

Rapiscan Systems - the world leader in high-quality inspection systems and modern technology for detection of dangerous objects. Our goal -Security, and we make every effort to develop cost-effective solutions tailored to the needs of the client and take into account future needs. All products Rapiscan serves a global clock network maintenance and service resources and training.

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