The inspection system of inspection "THSCAN - FS3000"

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THSCAN - FS3000 - a new product designed specifically for the demands of high bandwidth. With multiple solutions for the security system to avoid exposure of the cab of the vehicle automatically, so the driver can drive the vehicle through a tunnel view. Hidden contraband or offenders in containers can be easily found by the system and allows you to Inspect the containers, trucks and other vehicles at seaports, airports and road checkpoints.

Technical features:

Allows the driver of the vehicle to pass through the tunnel without leaving the cab, due to the fact that the x-ray is turned on after the cabs pass tunnel installation of modern technologies allows to obtain excellent image quality system is comfortable and easy to maintain 
Customized hardware and software is fully compliant with clients

General characteristics:

Scan Area:2.8m × 4.6m (width × height)
Standard number of operators:2
Continuous working time:24 h.
Working temperature:-15 0 C ~ +45 0 C
Storage temperature:-30 0 C ~ +50 0 C
Humidity:0 ~ 95% non-condensing.
The energy level of the radiation source:2.5 MeV
Typical throughput:0 ~ 40 pieces of 40-foot containers per hour
The maximum size of the scanned vehicle:Height 4,600 mm  
2,800 mm Width
Maximum penetration ability:200 mm steel
Mode imaging:In real time, synchronized
Increase (Zoom):1/4, 1/2, 2, 4
Tools, functions and modes of inspection:Pseudo 
linear transformation 
logarithmic transformation 
Stabilization histogram 
loop gain 
Adjusting the contrast 
comparison of several images 
Recording procedures
Radiation safety 
The maximum dose for the operator1mSv year
The maximum dose to the public0.1mSv year



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.