Stationary Inspection system for freight cars and containers "HCVS"

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The system HCVS - the most powerful tools in the line equipment HCV.It is an optimized approach to the care of customs or security checks.  
For the customs authorities and police upscale this system is an indispensable tool to prevent the commission of illegal border crossing points through the main smugglers and terrorists.

By eliminating the need to open the container or van, HCVS reduces the need for manual care to a minimum. 

Permanently installed specifically to a particular object, the system provides a quick overview of trucks fully loaded (wheels, chassis, containers, cargo and tractor and containers, facilitating the verification of customs documents. Its intuitive interface facilitates image analysis. 

HCVS system exists in versions with one or two tunnels and can be based on two-beam or X-ray one-beam technology and high-recognition materialiv.This provide technical solutions and identify the exact location of suspicious objects such as smuggled goods, weapons, explosives or drugs.

Key Features
  • Stationary Inspection system for freight cars and containers with full load
  • Advanced technology for superior image quality
  • Ideal for heavy vehicle inspection in seaports, at border crossings and airports
  • For simple and fast procedure takes only a few employees
  • Function discrimination material (organic / non-organic)
  • First-class system for the verification of declarations
  • Identifying capacity reaches 100%
Additional features
  • Automatic detection of radioactive materials
  • Recognition of high-energy materials
  • One and two - projection technology.
  • Print one or two tunnels
  • There are versions for 6MEV and 9MEV

Capacity20 freight cars per hour
The penetration depth on steelto 410 mm
Minimum number of staff3 operator

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and cargo terminals, public and commercial institutions.