Gamma-ray inspection system of vehicles "Rapiscan GaRDS Gantry"

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Rapiscan GaRDS ™ Gantry (gamma-ray inspection system) - a cost-effective, safe and reliable system inspection of trucks, vehicles and cargo containers to detect contraband, undeclared goods and Compliance cargo declaration. Rapiscan GaRDS Gantry is available in two versions: a standard and increased penetration ability.

Rapiscan GaRDS Gantry following features:

• Easy to use: requires only one operator. 
• High capacity: allows you to scan up to 60 trucks per hour. 
• Scans goods packed individually or in a row; takes a snapshot of scanned vehicle. 
• Mobile gantry crane allows you to scan stationary vehicles, containers, pallets and loads. 
• Optimized distance from the source to the detector improves the penetrating ability. 
• A holistic picture of cars and trucks with no corners cut container or cargo. 
• Integrity of the image content trucks and containers. 
• The system moves on rails and can be moved. 
• Minimal infrastructure is easily integrated into the existing terminal. 
• Automatic scanning, manual control is not required. 
• Works in all weather conditions. 
• Safety: low radiation.




Increased penetration ability

Typical penetration

Radiation source



Penetrating power [on steel)

180 mm 190 mm standard guaranteed

110 mm 120 mm standard guaranteed




5 mm

Spatial resolution

11 mm

Contrast sensitivity

2% (at a thickness of 2 mm steel image can be constructed in a steel plate 100 mm using a model with high penetration ability)


30-60 trucks per hour

Scan speed

Three selectable operator scanning speed - 0.2,0.3, 0.4 m / s

Power supply

120 V / 60 Hz, 30A (or 220 V / 50 Hz)

Detector array

Foldable diode array  L -shaped popuchit allows complete image without cut corners

The height of the tunnel

4.8 m

The width of the tunnel


Dimensions of the scanned object

Standard dimensions of the truck: 4.5 m [height) x 3 m (width)

The minimum height of the scan

Less than 355 mm

Scan Modes

Scanning and forward and reverse directions:  
single and multiple scan vehicles and cargo; 
 scan angle of 10 °, which increases the likelihood of identifying false walls

Working temperature

0-50 ° C standard, from -30 0  to 50 ° C with a set of equipment for operation at low temperatures

Relative humidity

0-98% (can run in the rain or snow)

System Capabilities

Remote Terminal Operator

The "crystal clear" ™;  
fast optimization, automatic image enhancement

Zoom (10X), point zooming in real time ™, brightness control, pseudocolor, relief

Annotate, setting the histogram function syslog, square root, the definition of impervious area

Learning mode and built-in help system

Automatic System Calibration and Diagnostics

Color printing images

The division of the working window for comparing images, view the image in full screen, preserving the region of interest

Archiving images on  CD - RW ,  CD -  format 8MR,  JPG , TIFF

Closed-circuit television system, surveillance system with the function of image capture


VEDS  - explosives detection system in vehicles, based on the analysis of thermal neutrons. Can automatically detect explosives or drugs in their neutron characteristics
Picture license plate with each image
Remote control station (wireless LAN)
Image Database
Set of equipment for operation at low temperatures
RTIS  - passive detection of nuclear materials
Simulator program  Cargo Viewer  for operator training
Multi-language interface support and manuals (contact your Rapiscan Systems  to image information on the available languages)


Red warning lamp radiation. 
The audio signal when the radiation. 
Flag indicating the position of the gamma radiation source. 
Emergency stop button (ESTOP). 
The key to activate / deactivate the system. 
A reliable mechanism on / off the radiation source. Installing Rapiscan GaRDS Gantry, equipped system Explosives Detection


Metor metal detectors



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.