Compact high-energy portal care of trucks, containers and airlift "HCVP"

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HCVP - Series X portals Inspection systems designed to optimize security checks at ports, airports and border crossings. HCVP systems used for the care of trucks, containers and other vehicles for explosives, drugs, weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and smuggling, and to monitor compliance with the accompanying documents, reducing the need for a caring hand. 

In a series of systems used HCVP accelerators submit energy of 3.5 MeV and 6 MeV, providing penetration through the steel thickness from 230mm to 300mm, supporting high speed care to 195 trucks per hour during scanning speed of 7 km / h. This innovative procedure for automatic scanning ensures uninterrupted streaming traffic through the checkpoint.

High image visualization system provides the operator HCVP radioscopic detailed images of the container or the vehicle and its contents, allowing for fast and reliable analysis. The modular compact design makes it easy to move HCVP system according to the specific needs of the customer. HCVP - an autonomous installation that does not require any additional external infrastructure. The design of the system easy to handle thanks to its compact size, and at the same time meets the highest international security.

Automated scanning process HCVP system allows vehicles or containers pass through the portal of X-ray system. The scanning process begins after the cab driver over and was recognized. The driver and the cab driver is not scanned. When the option for automatic detection of radioactive materials - ARO (optional) HCVP system simultaneously provides care and X-ray analysis for the detection of radioactive gamma and / or neutron material in a container or vehicle.

Key Features
  • High capacity - up to 195 cars per hour
  • Penetrating ability on steel 300mm (11.8 ") version 6 MeV
  • Function discrimination material (organic / non-organic) at 6MeV
  • Continuous movement inspection transport on site
  • Small footprint, low energy X-rays
  • Self-contained for easy use
Additional features
  • Available with accelerators and 4MeV 6MeV
  • Automatic detection of radioactive materials

Minimum crew1 operator of movement in the area of operation,   
1 operator system operators 8 image analysis
Weight11,000 kg
Scan speed7 km / h
Operating temperature-20 ° C to + 40 ° C

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and cargo terminals, public and commercial institutions.