X-ray system HEIMANN "HI-SCAN 6046si"

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Key benefits

• New x-ray generator with an improved range of 
new sensor technology high resolution XADA 
• New system platform HiTraX II with additional services 
• High resolution images with twice the resolution 
• Penetration through steel up to 37 mm 
• The detectivity of wires up to 41 AWG 
• Can be fully integrated network systems management, archiving, image distribution and TIP 
• Integrated radioactivity sensor (optional) 

X-ray inspection system HI-SCAN 6046si is a logical improved version of HI-SCAN 6040i, which employs more than 6,000 installations worldwide and has established itself as the most successful X-ray inspection system in its class. 

HI-SCAN 6046si, despite its similarity to HI-SCAN 6040i, still far from being a variant of the latter, resulting in a "facelift". The basis of the experimental design development are the key innovations in relation technological and image processing. 

HI-SCAN 6046si equipped with advanced multi-energetic generator, a new generation of electronics and a completely new type of high-resolution detector line. Thanks this improved technology, the system shows the percentage of detectability, which was in the past is unattainable. 

HI-SCAN 6046si offers very detailed X-ray images, which consist of more than twice the number of these, physical minimal elements of the image. 

The radical strengthening capacity licensing images of the inspected object, no doubt an advantage in interpreting the images in the areas of security. 

HI-SCAN 6046si also has a greater height of the tunnel, and therefore it can be used to inspect objects whose height exceeds the standards for carry-on luggage in civil aviation.

Specifications HI-SCAN 6046si

General characteristics

The size of the tunnel

620 (W) x 460 (H) [mm]

Max. object size

615 (W) x 455 (H) [mm]

The height of the conveyor 1)

about 694 mm

Conveyor speed at 50 Hz

about 0.2 m / c

Max. uniform load on the conveyor  2)

160 kg

The resolving power (the wire)

Standard: 40 AWG (0,08 mm) • typically 41 AWG (0,07 mm)

Penetrating power (steel)3)

Standard: 35 mm • typical: 37 mm

ASTM 792-01 (Test1, Test3, Test4)

Test1: AWG 40 2) / Test3: 1mm horiz. / Vetik.2) / Test4: 34 mm 2)

X-ray dose during the inspection (typically)

HI-MAT: 1,6 pSv (0,16 mrem)

Security for films

guaranteed for up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)

Duty cycle

100%, and does not require heating breaks

X-ray generator

Anode voltage

160 kV cf.


Sealed oil bath

The direction of the beam


The images forming system

X-ray detector

L-shaped detector line, high-capacity licensing

The number of gray levels in the memory


Picture Modes

black and white / color

Video Memory

1280 x 1024/24 bit

Image processing functions

electronic ZOOM: an increase of 2, 3, 4, ... 16-fold


17 "color monitor, emission complies with MPR II and TCO 99, other monitors - as agreed


Characteristics of

the date / time, baggage counter, personal identification code, acoustic marking luggage, operating display, REVIEW-feature back to the previous image, overview ZOOM - image, freely programmable function keys.


X-ACT HI-TIP HI-SPOT SEN, XPlore, IMS (image storage system)

Operating data

Radiation safety

Complies with all applicable radiation and medical standards for devices with radiation.


Meets the requirements of Directive 98/37 / EWG, 72/23 / EWG, 89/336 EWG

Noise level

less than 70 dB (A)

Operating temperature / storage  4)

0 ° C - + 40 ° C / -20 ° C - + 60 ° C

Air humidity

10% - 90% (non-condensing)

Power supply 5)

Standard: 230V AC + 10% / -15% • 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 3 Hz

Power consumption

about 0.8 kW

Protection class setting / keyboard

IP 20 / IP 43

Dimensions • Weight  6)

2004 (L) x 850 (W) x 1284 (H) [mm] • 400 kg

Mechanical design

Steel frame with steel panels mounted on rollers. Standard color: RAL 7016 (dark gray) - B11 ^ 1 (blue)

1) an approximate value because regulated 
2) in accordance with test procedure ASTM 792-01 
3) frame: steel staircase, copper wires, conveyor speed of 0.2 m / sec 
4) extended temperature range - on request 
5) optionally various indicators 
6) without remote control , keyboard, monitor, etc.

Dimensions HI-SCAN 6046si


Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.