X-ray inspection system "HI-SCAN 100100 V"

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  • Universal X-ray baggage inspection system with different sizes
  • Excellent image reproduction thanks to optimal X-ray geometry
  • New HiTraX electronics provide excellent image quality of the inspected object
  • The resolving power wires AWG 38 New HI MAT Plus technology for better material distinction.
  • The size of the tunnel is in optimal proportion to the entire system
  • Typical penetration in steel 30 mm

System HI-SCAN 100100 V is specially designed to meet the needs of airports, customs, transport Agentur and carriers, postal services and in cases where high security and complete inspection of baggage and cargo with a large variety of sizes. 

HI-SCAN 100100 is a V- Compact X-ray system with dimensions inspection tunnel 1000 mm width and 1000 mm in height. This allows you to control both cumbersome and small items without any degradation of quality x-ray image. 

With more than 14,000 installations of X-ray systems sold in 150 countries on all continents, and thanks to the worldwide service network, Heimann Systems Group is the undisputed world leader in the manufacture and supply of X-ray control systems. 

Operator training courses offered by Heimann Systems, enjoying a well-deserved reputation worldwide and carried out individually for each customer. As a leading supplier in the world of X-ray control systems, Heimann Systems has an effective global service network, works quickly and reliably.

Technical Data HI-SCAN 100100 V

General characteristics

The dimensions of the tunnel1 010 (W) x 1010 (H) [mm]
Max. object size1 000 (W) x 1000 (H) [mm]
The height of the conveyor 1)800
Conveyor speed at 50 Hzabout 0.2 m / s
Max.uniform load on the conveyor  2)200 kg
The resolving power (the wire)Standart: 36AWG (0,13 mm) • typical: 38AWG (0,1 mm)
Penetrating power (steel) 3)Standart: 27mm • typical: 30mm
X-ray dose during the inspection (typically)Standart: 0.7 m Sv (0.07 mREM) • When the HI-MAT: 1.4  m Sv (0.14 mREM)
Security for photo and video tapesguaranteed for up to ISO1600 sensitivity (33 DIN)
Duty cycle100% (no heating and breaks

X-ray generator

Anode voltage140kV cf.
coolingSealed oil bath
The direction of the beamdiagonal

Image generation system

X-ray detectorL-shaped detector line
The number of gray levels in the memory4096
Picture Modesblack and white / color
Memory image1280x1024 / 24-bit
Image processing functionsVARI-MAT, O2, OS, HIGH  
E-ZOOM: increase 2-x, 3-x, 4-x, 16-fold
Monitor17 "color monitor, emission complies with MPR II and TCO99, other monitors - on demand

Additional Features

Standard FeaturesThe date / time, baggage counter, personal identification code, acoustic marking luggage, operating display, REVIEW-feature back to the previous image, overview ZOOM - image, freely programmable function keys.
OptionsHI-MATPlus-classification of materials, X-ACT, HI-TIP, HI-SPOT, SEN, XPlore, IMS (image storage system)

Operating data

Radiation safetyMeets all the requirements for these devices;certified in the Russian Federation.
CE - conformityMeets the requirements of Directive 98/37 / EWG, 72/23 / EWG, 89/336 EWG
Noise levelless than 70 dB (A)
Operating temperature / Storage0 ° C - + 40 ° C / -20 ° C - + 60 ° C
Humidity10% - 90% (non-condensing)
Power supplyStandard: 230V AC + 10% / -15% • 50 Hz
Power consumptionabout 1.0 kW
Protection class keyboardIP 22
Dimensions • Weight  6)3585 (W) x 1280 (H) x 1940 (L) [mm] • 930kg
Mechanical designSteel frame with steel panels mounted on rollers) Standard: RAL 7016 (dark gray)

1) an approximate value because regulated 
2) may increase the maximum load on the conveyor using the inverter 
3) in accordance with ASTM test procedure 
4) in the direction of beam penetration 
5) of the size of external control, keyboard, monitor, etc. 
6) without the remote control keyboard, monitor (s) etc.


Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.