The system for checking baggage "FISCAN MD70"

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MD70 is designed for use mainly in post offices.Quickly and accurately displays the mail and small packages containing some components of explosives, ensures safe delivery of mail and unpacking.

MD70 has a high resolution and a small X-rays. 

It has excellent differentiation between potentially suspicious items such as staples and metal objects. Designed for continuous checking mail weighing up to 3 kg and a height of do 70mm. 

MD70 automatically stores the suspicious mail.


1. Quick setup and easy to use interface 
2. Lovely differentiation of safe and unsafe objects 
3. Combining the power supply voltage, with an additional backup battery 
4. Saving operating parameters 
5. LCD monitor. 
6. Counter dangerous objects 
7. Limited access 
8. Monitoring and control, based on the MCU 
9. Low probability of failure

Technical data

Weight 17.5Kg 
Dimensions 360L × 460W × 240H mm 
Size Tunnel 400W × 70H mm 
8 levels of sensitivity of detection sensitivity. 
Penetration 0.1mm 
Signal Level 8 levels

Setting Data

Storage temperature -20C ~ + 60C 
Operating Temperature + 0C 45C 
Relative humidity 10% ~ 90% 
Power supply 220V 50/60 Hz 
Power 300 W



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.