Compact scanner "Scanmax 25"

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Compact scanner Scanmax 25 allows on-site content to identify suspicious packages and guarantees the safety of your employees, working with the mail.

Scanner Scanmax 25 is easy to use and requires no special technical training.The successful combination of volumetric scanning cameras and compact housing is ideal for small spaces and allows you to check bulk mail, parcels and large portfolios. 

High-speed scanning and scanning camera handy - just put the object in the scanning camera, and after a few seconds you will see a clear image of the contents of the package

Enlarging the image monitor COLORSCAN
  • Automatic zoom
  • Ability to invert the image
  • Eightfold increase
  • Possibility of two color highlighting objects of medium and high density
Specifications Scanmax 25

Overall dimensions
Height161.5 cm
Depth61 cm
Width43 cm
Net weight170 kg
The size of the scanning camera
Height53.5 cm
Width56 cm
Depth42 cm
The dimensions of the door
Height53.5 cm
Width34 cm
Requirements for elektpopitaniyu
Elektpopitanie110V, 230V, 50/60 Hz

Health and Safety:

Scanners Scanmax 25 have low levels of radiation and comply with international standards of safety for electrical and radiation equipment.They are available with a special certificate of Radiation Safety and Test Reports.

Recognition by X-rays:

On demand training, and tables are available for X-ray image recognition

Service and support:

The possibility of complete technical support and maintenance of the equipment. Ease scanner Scanmax 25  is that it does not contain sliding electrical panels, requiring expensive maintenance.




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.