X-ray system "XRC 50-30"

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X-ray system XRC 50-30 is designed for inspection of small mail and hand luggage. The plant is designed to meet the needs of security checkpoints customs, airports, railway stations, ports, Chambers, prisons, rooms for checking incoming mail and other places where it is necessary to carry out the inspection. 

The system XRC 50-30 is a safe and secure installation with the size of the inspection tunnel 550 x 350 mm (W x H), which allows for the inspection of small arranged pieces of luggage and carry-on baggage, while providing the highest level of detection of restricted and prohibited the movement of objects and substances. Equipment running the operating system Linux, which provides high stability and reliability of the introscope. 

The successful design solution allows you to quickly and easily install and commission the system XRC 50-30 at a checkpoint. 

Introscope XRC are ergonomically designed and equipped with a unique wear-resistant touch panel as well as the function of the keyboard output to the Home screen.

Standard features:
  • multi-energy image (4 - 6 colors) measurement of the atomic number Z
  • image enhancement features «Perfect View» (PV) outlining the image (ITS) black and white (B / W)
  • discrimination based on the type of material organic / the inorganic (OM / IM)
  • a pseudo-image mode Pseudo Color (PS)
  • reverse video mode (IN)
  • improve the function of the penetrating power (HP)
  • infinitely adjustable circuits (+ E / -E)
  • infinitely adjustable by color differentiation (+ C / C)
  • infinitely adjustable contrast (+ G / -G)
  • infinitely adjustable image density when scaling (+ D / -D)
  • and increasing the control of the image in real time (64-x)
  • preview the image of the previous Luggage
  • ability to manually save the image with
  • programmable annotations
  • Automatic image archiving system
  • programmable function keys
  • baggage counter
  • time and date indicator
  • UPS for PC
  • Flat LCD monitor
  • Software Threat Image Projection (TIP) alarm when it detects a substance of high density training program for the plant operator (OTP) alarm when it detects suspicious baggage
Additional options:
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Station Remote Control
  • Input / output roller conveyors
  • Two monitors
Technical characteristics

General characteristics:

The size of the tunnel, mm:

550 (W) x 350 (H)

Dimensions in mm:

1365 (L) x 809 (W) x 1195 (H)

Packing dimensions, mm

1650 (L) x 1150 (W) x 1520 (H)

Weight of equipment:

400 kg (depending on configuration)

Conveyor speed:

0.2 m / s

Conveyor height:

about 726 mm (adjustable)

Maximum load conveyor:

up to 165 kg

X-ray generator.

Anode voltage:

to 150 KV, 147 KV-operation

Anode current:

0.7 mA


air, forced

The direction of the beam:

Diagonal from the bottom up

Duty cycle:


Sensitivity (for copper wire)

36 AWG standard, 38 AWG typical

Penetrating power (on steel):

30 mm standard, typically 33 mm

Separation of materials:

low, medium and high 
values ​​of the atomic number Z with 
up to 0,5Z



Intel Core i3 2120


2 GB

Hard disk space:

500 GB


1 GB

Operating system



One color 21 "LCD monitor

Terms of Use:

Working temperature:

from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C

Storage temperature:

from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C


5-95% non-condensing

Power supply:

230 ± 10 Hz of 50% (EC)




Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.