X-ray system for baggage "L-3 Communications PX 6.4"

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System PX 6.4 - the ideal combination of superb image quality, high throughput and flexibility. The system is suitable for use in different conditions and with different settings. PX 6.4 enables operators to effectively carry out the inspection briefcases, backpacks, parcels and other items of medium and small size. High performance imaging facilitates the rapid identification of hazardous items, including weapons, drugs, explosives and other contraband. 

There are three options for the length of the conveyor, that allows the use of PX 6.4 in various conditions, including limited areas. The system is an effective and economical solution for both passenger terminals, as well as for government facilities and buildings of large companies where security is the most important task.

  • Identification of suspicious objects
  • Identification of smuggling
  • Verifying the declaration
  • Checking for compliance with local requirements
  • Certified Safety Administration Transportation (TSA) as a system of air cargo screening systems "(Federal Standard 14 CFR 108.17 and 14 CFR 129.26
Benefits of L-3

Through the constant work on improvement of L-3, and extensive experience in the production of X-ray systems, PX 6.4 has excellent features and options to increase the speed and accuracy of detection of dangerous objects.

Excellent image quality

to see the invisible

Lovely image characteristics PX 6.4 raises the bar for inspection systems of objects of medium size. Powerful technology imaging and analysis tools allow users to quickly and accurately identify dangerous objects and contraband. Patented TRI-MAT mode enables to distinguish between organic and inorganic objects, as well as metals. 

The user interface of the operator very easy to use and provides the tools you need for a clear, detailed display items. With a full-featured image enhancement, the operator can quickly analyze the disputed items and decide if they are threatening. The innovative continuous contrast adjustment allows you to select the smallest details of the subject, regardless of the density. A unique feature Best Image FirstTM automatically selects and displays the best projection, which reduces the need to constantly adjust the image and increases throughput.

Flexible configuration:

just change the settings

PX 6.4 system can be customized according to different performance requirements and changing challenges in ensuring security.
  • PX 6.4 comes complete with inlet and outlet conveyor in various lengths, so it can be installed in various areas in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
  • The system can carry out searches in two directions, so it can be used at sites where inspection is required in two directions, such as prisons or objects with a high probability of theft.
Operator Interface:

Adjusted simplicity

L3 patented user interface gives the operator an easy, flexible and reliable control system and maximizes the use of the information contained in the image of luggage. Ergonomic design helps the operator to quickly learn and use interface, which consists of three buttons control of the conveyor and the touch panel. Using the touch panel, the operator only looks at the monitor screen, which displays icons management. The panel is designed with ergonomics in mind, thereby reducing fatigue and physical stress during prolonged inspection.

Network Solution:

Combining systems into the network

The network version of PX 6.4 helps to better organize the process of security, remote monitoring and coordination of the system, helping to reduce costs. Head with a sufficient level of access can access any scanning system on the local network, send and receive images of baggage, embedded image dangerous objects (TIP), change the settings to view reports on the work of operators to diagnose and features of the network, common to all systems L -3 PX second generation surpass the highest demands.

Tools Operator:

focus on the most important

Various functions facilitate the task of the operator for the timely identification and examination of suspicious objects in baggage, detect subtle but very important details, indicating the presence of a real threat, such as wires for explosive devices.
  • Image enhancement tools including continuous adjustment of contrast, sharpening, and fill color, you can optimize the image and clearly see a possible threat.
  • The "assistant operator" (OA) is a checked compares objects with data on known dangerous objects and identifies suspicious objects, pointing to areas for further analysis.
  • The "Introduction of dangerous objects» (TIP) inserts a dummy image after a specified period of time and ensures that a decision was taken by the operator. This allows managers to evaluate the effectiveness of inspection and correct decision-making by different operators.
  • The "Picture Archiving» (IA) allows you to store up to 20,000 images.
Characteristics of
  • Continuous adjustment of contrast
  • Separation of organic / inorganic
  • Technology Transparent Color ™ (transparent image)
  • Best Image First ™ (automatic selection of the best projection)
  • Removal of organic / inorganic
  • Removal of metals
  • Pseudocolor image
  • Edge detection
  • 2X - 16X -fold increase or continuous increase up to 64X
  • Negative Image
  • Threat warning
  • Warning of high density
  • Compact design
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Conveyor medium length 2236mm
  • Patented operator interface including a touch panel, allowing the operator without stopping to look at the monitor screen
  • Inlet and outlet shrouds conveyor
  • Easily customizable operator interface
  • Assistant operator (OA)
  • Image Archiving (IA)
  • Side UI
  • Infrared sensor operator presence
  • Ability to link
  • Color monitor with a diagonal of different sizes
  • Roller tables and luggage descents 0.5 m long and 1.0 m.
  • Innovative system return pallets, modules 1.0 mm
  • Programmable placard
  • Input / output conveyors: short 1700 mm, 3030 mm long
  • The "Introduction of dangerous objects» (TIP)
  • External uninterruptible power supply
  • Color Printer
  • The remote operator interface (at a distance of 5m, 30m, 100m)
  • Mobile Kit Mobility Kit special strength: retaining shock-absorbing wheels with a diameter 152.4 mm, mounting points of the system
  • Network administrator workstation
  • Network server TIP


The size of the tunnel:650 (W) x 430 (H) mm
Conveyor height:762 - 812 mm
Power requirements:~ 100-240 + 10% 
at 50/60 Hz ± 1% (max. 1,0kVA)
Conveyor speed:0.22 mm / s + 2 / -8% 50 Hz. 
0.26 mm / s + 2 / -8% 60 Hz.
Lifting capacity of the conveyor:100 kg

X-ray source

Voltage:150 kV constant potential
Light mode:continuous
Cooling:Oil bath
Orientation of the beam:vertically upwards
X-ray signal receiver:1152 photodiodes block T-shaped configuration

Physical characteristics

Height:1346 mm
Width:862 mm
Length:Short conveyor: 1700 mm 
With an average conveyor: 2236 mm 
with long conveyor: 3030 mm
Weight:With a short conveyor 640 kg 
With a long pipeline: 705 kg 
With the option RMK

Climatic conditions

Operating range:+ 0 ° C - + 40 ° C
Storage temperature:-20 ° C - + 50 ° C
Humidity:0 - 95% non-condensing
Noise level:<70 dBA

Imaging and system performance

Resolution:Copper wire 38 AWG - guaranteed  
copper wire 40 AWG - typically
Penetrating power:32 mm steel - guaranteed
Gradation characteristics:not less than 4,096 grayscale tones to step wedge
Video Display:monitor with a diagonal of 17 "  
Option: Monitor 21 "  
Option: flat panel monitor with a diagonal of 19 "
Computer processor:Intel Pentium ®

Radiation safety

All X-ray systems L3 Communications Security & Detection Systems certified to meet all safety requirements and the X-ray emission limits CFR requirements of the United States, Vol 21, Section 1020.40 (Federal Standard 21-CFR 1020.40). Typical leakage radiation is less than 0.1 mR / hr permitted by the Federal US standard of 0.5 mR / h.

Operational Standards

Complies with the following US federal standards:
  • FAA 14 CFR 108.17 (Use of X-ray systems);
  • FAA 14 CFR 129.26 (Use of X-ray systems);
  • CDRH 21 CFR 1020.40 (Stationary X-ray systems).
  • Designed in accordance with CE and NRTL UL / CSA, UL 61010-1 certification
  • Meets the requirements of CDRH (FDA), including labeling requirements.
  • Security for photosensitive materials: guaranteed security for photo films and ISO 1600 / 33DIN to ten passes.
  • Designed in accordance with the rules TIP1A / TIPII / STIP.






Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.