X-ray inspection system with the function of detecting explosives "HI-SCAN 7555aTiX"

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  • Automatic detection of explosives in parcels, packaged goods, checked baggage, air cargo.
  • Load capacity 250 kg conveyor allows scanning of heavy objects.
  • Maximum throughput / evaluation images in real time
  • The opportunity to be embedded in the network for the integrated management system.
  • Analysis using two density projections.
  • High resolution image in two projections.
  • X-ray generator with optimized spectrum.
  • Sensor technology XADA high resolution.
HI-SCAN 7555aTiX - the last device in the line of products, Smiths Detection, where technology was used aTIX, which allows the detection of liquids and explosives in the automatic mode, maintains a high detection rate and lower false alarm rate by the use of optimized algorithms. 

Inspection tunnel of 75 * 55 cm is able to perform a variety of functions and applications, using the apparatus can inspect parcels, packed and checked baggage. Conveyor belt with increased load capacity up to 250 kg allows you to scan small air cargo. 

7555aTiX can be easily integrated into the network has the ability to archive data, the introduction of (distribution) of the image. Like its predecessor 6040aTiX, 7555aTiX simplifies the complex process of analysis, without violating the established regulations of the examination of the recorded luggage.


Maximum load on conveyor250 kg
The dimensions of the inspection passage750 mm x 550 mm
The maximum size of the inspected object750 mm x 550 mm
Weightapproximately 1780 kg

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.