X-ray Inspection System HEIMANN "HI-SCAN 8380"

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HI-SCAN 8380 has been designed for integration with the conveyor belt systems. Advanced design solution is a convenient and flexible method of combining externally controlled conveyor belts with integrated baggage conveyor systems. 

The low conveyor height and networking technology make the HI-SCAN 8380 an excellent X-ray system for integration into a centralized control point image analysis. However, a similar model HI- SCAN 16580 combining two independent conveyor lines, you can get a flexible and space-saving system configuration.With a height of 82 cm aperture of the tunnel, the system meets the requirements for inspection of baggage, having dimensions larger than normal. It also complies with ECAC regarding baggage conveyor transport systems at airports. 

Modern technology HiTraX, effective methods of online image analysis in real time, along with an ergonomic and user-friendly management interface make the HI-SCAN 8380 an effective tool for screening at the control points. 

HI SCAN 8380 - Advanced technology for embedded counters in the control points.

Main characteristics
  • Optimum security screening of baggage at check
  • Innovative design solution for integration with conveyor lines
  • Platform HiTraX II mode image processing in real time
  • The advanced material classification HI-MAT Plus (optional)
Additional Features
  • IMS: Manage image files (optional)
  • Network interface

Max. object size800 (W) x 800 (H) [mm]
Unit Dimensions1610 (L) x 1642 (W) x 1350 (H) [mm]
Weight650 kg

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.