X-ray Inspection System "HEIMANN HI-SCAN 6030di"

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Main characteristics
  • Mobile X-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening width of 620 mm (24 ") and a height of 330 mm (13")
  • Compact system design with optimized size and weight
  • As additional features are protected and available to monitor the keypad is locked
  • Modern technology system HiTraX classification material HI-MATPlus
  • High efficiency: the typical depth of penetration through steel - 30 mm, resolution 39 AWG
HI-SCAN 6030di company Smiths Heimann - compact X-ray inspection system designed for objects with a maximum size of 610 mm (24 ") wide by 320 mm (12.6") in height. With these dimensions, the system is between HI-SCAN 5030si and HI-SCAN 6040ds in a series of systems for the inspection of mail and parcels. 

This system features the latest design and rugged construction, the optimal size and very low weight. It is well suited for use as a mobile inspection system at various locations.Excellent technical characteristics provide the highest quality inspections in the minimum time. 

HI-SCAN 6030di: durable, lightweight system for security checks at checkpoints.


Max. object size610 (W) x 320 (H) [mm] 
Unit Dimensions1379 (L) x 797 (W) x 1120 (H) [mm]
Weight350 kg

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.