X-ray Inspection System "FISCAN B 6550B"

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FISCAN B6550B - X-ray inspection system using the latest imaging technology. The system provides high resolution and sharp image for quick and easy identification of objects. Due to its compact size this unit is ideal for inspecting small wearable objects in airports, customs, railway stations, government offices, post offices, courts, etc.


FISCAN B 6550 distinguishes organic and inorganic substances present in the inspected object. The X-ray image is colored according to the atomic composition of the inspected material. The operator to easily identify the different materials in accordance with the following color scheme:
  • organic materials - Orange
  • inorganic materials - blue
  • light metals and composite materials - Green
  • higher density - Red
Technical characteristics

General characteristics

WeightAbout 550 kg
Dimensions2304 (W) × 889 (L) × 1214 (H) mm
The dimensions of the tunnel660 (W) × 517 (H) mm
Conveyor speedApproximately 0.20 m / s
Conveyor heightAbout 660 mm
Maximum load100 kg
The resolving power (the wire)0.08 mm
Penetrating power (on steel)38 mm
Dose per inspectionLess than 1 μSv Safe for films to ASA / ISO1600
Leakage radiationLess than 2 μSv / h (at a distance of 5cm from the outside of the housing unit), meets all the requirements and laws governing the level of radiation X-ray machines.

X-ray generator

Anode voltage160 kV
Cooling / cycle workSealed oil bath / 100%
The magnitude of the beam80 degrees

Image processing system

X-ray detectorL-shaped photodiode array
The number of gray levels4096 (12 bits)
Image processing24 - bit processing in real time
Monitor75 Hz, 22 levels of gray
Image processing functionsBlack and white, a lot of energy, inorganic coloring, organic staining, VARI-LUT scanning, scanning gray, brightness / contrast enhancement, strengthening the edges, super gain, negative image, pseudocolor, staining around the edges, the function of the combined imaging ch.b / color switch
Calling images from memoryThe last 20 images
Zone & Increase1 ~ 9 zones 2, 4, 8 - fold increase
Projection alarm imagesOption (for a single unit with the function of storing large amount of data)
Network interfaceOption
Save image as ...Option
Remote controlOption

Additional functions

Self-test when turned on, automatic program warm-automatic baggage counter, displaying the time and date, timer and turn on the system X-ray, a reminder of conduct regulations, display the serial number, operator ID, service menu.
Operating data
Storage temperature-40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
Operating temperature0C ~ + 40C
Relative humidity10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Power supply220V AC (+ 10% ~ 15%), 50 Hz ± 3 Hz (110 V AC / 60 Hz ± 3 Hz -options)
Power consumption1.3 kW



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.