TS-SCAN 6040

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TS-SCAN 6040 is a unique multi-view X-ray inspection system. The baggage views provide its complete perspective regardless of its positioning in the X-ray system. Multi-view technology eliminates the need for operators to reposition and re-scan the baggage.

The multi-view system eliminates any possibility of deliberate concealment of prohibited articles in carry-on baggage. A knife is visible at least in one of four views (projections), regardless of its position in the baggage (see second picture on the left).

The dual energy technology provides automatic colour coding of materials according to their effective atomic numbers. TS-SCAN 6040 has a large industry standard tunnel opening of 600 mm wide and 400 mm high.

Image processing features: material separation colour display, pseudo colour, black and white image, positive/negative, contrast manipulation, edge enhancement, organic/inorganic stripping, high/ low penetration, high density alert.

Image display features: image review, variable zoom up to 16x, view change.

Additional features: baggage counter, data and time display, all views simultaneous preview.

TS-SCAN 6040 meets all international health and safety requirements.

Scanned Images 
''Metal''''Organics''''Material discrimination'''B/w'''Negative''

General specifications
Max. object size (W x H), mm550 х 350
Conveyor height, mm800
Conveyor speed, m/s0,20
Max. object weight, kg160
Resolution (wire detection measured by Cu wire)38 AWG (0,1 mm)
Penetration (steel), mm27*
Film safetyguaranteed up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
Number of X-ray generators*2 or 1
Anode voltage, kV cp140
Power consumption, kVA1,0
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm1800 х 950 х 1550
Weight, kg760



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.