Inspection X-ray machine "HI-SCAN 5180si"

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System HI-SCAN 5180si is an advanced version of HI-SCAN 5180i.

However, despite the similarities, HI-SCAN 5180si not just the traditional X-ray system with minor upgrades. Revolutionary technological innovations in the field of X-ray sensors and image processing have become an integral part of research and development.

The system HI-SCAN 5180si equipped with multi-energy X-ray generator, a new generation of electronics and radically new high-resolution detector line. Through optimized technology system provides previously unattainable performance. 

The system HI-SCAN 5180si generates impressive detailed X-ray images with twice the resolution. Such a sharp improvement in image resolution of scanned objects represents a decisive advantage for image analysis systems in hazardous areas.

  • Airports
  • Port
  • Customs and temporary storage
Technical characteristics

General characteristics 

The size of the tunnel517 (W) x 800 (H)[mm]
Max. object size510 (W) x 795 (H)[mm]
Conveyor heightabout 232 mm
Conveyor speed at 50 Hzabout 0.2 / 0.24 m / c
Max. uniform load on the conveyor160 kg
The resolving power (the wire)Standard: 39AWG (0,09 mm) • typical: 40AWG (0,08 mm)
Penetrating power (steel)Standard: 35 mm • typical: 37 mm
X-ray dose during the inspection (typically)Standard: 0,9μSv (0,08 mrem) • mode HI-MAT: 1,7 μSv (0,17 mrem)
Security for filmsguaranteed for up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
Duty cycle100%, and does not require heating breaks
X-ray generator 
Anode voltage160 kV cf.
CoolingSealed oil bath
The direction of the beamdiagonal
The imaging systemL-shaped detector line
X-ray detector 
The number of gray levels in the memory4096
Picture Modesblack and white / color
Video Memory1280 x 1024/24 bit
Image processing functionsVARI, O2, OS, HIGH electronic ZOOM: increase 2-x, 3-x, 4-x, ... 16-fold
Monitor17 "color monitor, emission complies with MPR II  
and TCO 99, other monitors - as agreed
the date / time, baggage counter, personal identification code, 
acoustic marking luggage, operating display,  
REVIEW-feature back to the previous image, overview ZOOM - image,  
freely programmable function keys
OptionsHI-MATPlus -classification materials, X-ACT, HI-TIP, HI-SPOT,  
SEN, XPLORE, IMS (image storage system)
Operating data 
Radiation safetyComplies with all applicable radiation and medical  
standards for devices with radiation.
CE-conformityMeets the requirements of Directive 98/37 / EWG, 72/23 / EWG, 89/336 EWG
Noise levelless than 70 dB (A)
Operating temperature / Storage0 ° C - + 40 ° C / -20 ° C - + 60 ° C
Air humidity10% - 90% (non-condensing)
Power supplyStandard: 230V AC + 10% / -15% • 50 Hz
Power consumptionabout 0.8 kW
Protection class keyboardIP 20 / IP 43
Dimensions • Weight3090 (W) x 1452 (L) x 1195 (H) [mm] • 600 kg
Mechanical designSteel frame with steel panels mounted on castors. 
Standard color: RAL 7016 (dark gray)

Smiths Detection



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.