Compact X-ray system "AUTOCLEAR 4626"

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AUTOCLEAR 4626 compact ergonomic X-ray machine with conveyor tunnel dimensions: width 46 cm x height 26 cm. Designed to control carry-on baggage, mail correspondence, electronic devices, cameras, laptops, clothes. Ideal for use in schools, airports, office and administrative buildings, post offices, banks, sports facilities, nightclubs and t.d.Function RealClear instantly shows the components of weapons, knives in real time. Function autoScale, using a Pentium 4, displays the object at any position without distortion.

Comfortable, ergonomic keyboard control.

  • The compact design allows the machine to transport it in the elevators, through standard doorways, narrow corridors.
  • High-quality digital color image, the ability to e-mail correspondence inspection of any length, including long tubes with posters. Safe for photographs, not blurs the edges of the image.
  • Function autoTracking control conveyor belt requires no configuration.
  • Patented autoSensing function informs the operator about the problems with the photo sensors. 100% detection of thin blades and plastic in magazines and mail corespondence.
Specification AUTOCLEAR 4626

The size of the tunnel:width 46 cm, height 26 cm
Penetrating power (in steel):(10 mm can be doubled)
Contrast sensitivity:More than 2 million. Standard color tones
The resolving power (the wire):40 AWG (0,08 mm)
Cpu:32-bit video processor, 2.4GHz
Conveyor speed:24 cm per second, reverse
Tractive force conveyor ::100 kg (200 kg optional)
Security for photographs:guaranteed for up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)

X-ray generator:  

Radiation source:Sealed, maintenance-free bulb.
Anode voltage:90 kV
The direction of the beam:Diagonal
Dose rate:not more than 0.1 mR
Display information
Standard color 17 "SVGA monitor  
with a resolution of 1280x1024, anti-reflective coating.

Basic features:
  1. RealClear
  2. autoDensalert
  3. autoTracking
  4. autoSensing
  5. autoOutline
  6. autoScale
  7. autoCal
  8. 64-fold increase
  9. Backlight
  10. Scanning with high or low resolution
  11. Color, black-and-white image.
  12. Help menu
  13. Quick start (25 seconds)
  14. Reverse conveyor
Additional options:
  1. Multy Energy - allocation of different colors of organic / inorganic materials with different densities
  2. TIP - automatic blending of images of dangerous objects on the real baggage to check alertness operators
  3. autoMatalert
  4. Backup images
  5. Additional monitor
  6. Additional roller conveyors (depending on the model RTU)
  7. The remote operator control
  8. Voltage regulator
  9. Protective Case lockable metal keyboard
  10. Baggage counter
Performance Specifications

Overall dimensions:The length of 109.1 cm; Width 59.4 cm; height of 103.6 cm. See. Figure
Weight:186 kg and 254 kg in the package
Construction:Steel frame with panels, aluminum inserts and accessories.  
The rollers with adjustable height.  
The control panel in stainless steel.
External conditions:Temperature 0 - 40C
Humidity:20% - 95% (non-condensing)
Power supply:220V (+ / - 10%), capacity of not more than 0.7 kW.



Airports, train stations, ports, customs and freight terminals, public and commercial institutions.